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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Contest # 2 answers

We have a winner!!!

Karisma will you please email me a postal address

Contest question # 2 answers;

I used the term “generally accepted” on purpose as the claims for these titles are open to a lot of debate.


Way back in 1899 the Queensland town of Cloncurry is credited with a temperature of 53 c, while Birdsville also in Queensland recorded 49 c on Jan 5 2004.
But without doubt in my mind the title belongs to Marble Bar a small town in WA. Where in 1926 the daily maximum temperature exceeded 100 F for 161 days… that’s as hot as Hell in my book.


Cape Tribulation recorded 1.5 metres (that’s 59 inches) of rain in a 36 hour period in 1996… that’s pretty damp!!!!
But for consistency the Queensland town of Tully is the winner, (just scraping home from neighboring town of Babinda) Tully has an average annual rainfall of just over 4 metres but has been known to reach 7.93 metres…. That’s over 25 feet or 300 inches…. Also pretty damp!!!!


This one is the hardest to track down, I discarded Antarctica as its not on the mainland nor are there any “Towns” as such there.
The coldest recorded temperature was taken at Charlottes Pass, in the Snowy Mountains, where it reached a brisk minus 23 c in 1994…. Perisher Valley is the closest town to Charlottes Pass and is certainly a cold spot but it’s a ski resort, with full facilities during winter, but most of these close down for the rest of the year.
The nearby town of Jindabyne qualifies fully and shares with Perisher Valley an average year round minimum temperature of only 8.5 c with a July average minimum of minus 1.6 c Brrrrr.
Collinsvale in Tasmania is perhaps the only town that can beat Jindabyne, here the year round average minimum temperature is only 7.5 c and in July it gets seriously cold too.

So to summarize, in contest order I chose, Marble Bar, Jindabyne, and Tully.
But I have accepted Karisma's answers and we will now move on,

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