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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Contest results

Contest results;

I need the following people to email me a postal address so that I can send them some DVDs.


For being the 100,000th visitor to holtieshouse, I had hoped that it would be a regular reader who made this visit and Walker is one of my most regular commenter’s so I’m very pleased with this result. He also had some interesting ideas for the questions.

Jerry (lz blogger);

For GUESSING that “soldiers” meant cold, if these were video tapes Jerry I would cut half the tape off and send you the abbreviated version!!!!


The first one to legitimately answer the “soldiers” question.


Because you got the “soldiers” part right and at least had the initiative to google Humpty Doo.

Jamie Dawn;

How could I not award a prize to a lady who described cold so well, chilly or nippy or nipply. Jamie you were also the only one who got close to the “Humpty Doo” part by referring to the agricultural failure.

Instead of google (or your choice of search engine) you should have searched my blog, where you would have found these gems.


Where a bit of a search would have unearthed “soldiers bold” = cold in rhyming slang.



where you would have read of Art Linkletter’s association with Australia.

Now, I am very disappointed in the response to question #2 (I am contemplating a prize to Karisma for her novel answer to the bonus question) I’m going to ask my overseas (yes that’s you too Jerry) if they would join in and tell us the answer to this one too, let me give you a clue though… if you search my blog for “Australian weather” you will get some amazing revelations… but not the answers you seek. As for the bonus questions these are a bit of a side issue.

Happy hunting!!!!


karisma said...

LOL! If I really wanted to win, I would have looked up the answers! Guessing is much more fun!

Dave said...

*LOL* At least I was close... I can't wait for my DVD now! *S*

Walker said...

Thanks Peter
I rememer coming in, in the morning to see if the 100,000 had ewen reached yet. |I knew my answers to the questions were ummmm questionale LOL and saw i was 100,000. At least I'm on time if not smart ha ha ha

karisma said...

Marble Bar - Hottest
Charlotte Pass - Coldest
Babinda - Wettest (well this year anyway)

I stand by my last answer for the bonus question!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Sounds as if you had a good response to your competition, Peter. Well done.

Jamie Dawn said...

Thank You.
Thank You very much.




Jamie Dawn said...


Whenever it is cold outside, I always say, "It's a little nipply out here."