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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day.

Christmas Day has been spent at Bridgetown (which some of the kids
have renamed fridgetown as it gets pretty cold here in winter) At the
home of my ex Jacqui, and her husband Walter.

This is a small "A Frame House" with a large dormitory style bedroom
upstairs, it is accomadating 17 overnight so its not too small!!!!

Please click on photos to enbiggen.

Jacqui is a collector of many things and Teddy Bears are her main passion, so they
are everywhere and I mean everywhere you look.

She has a walk in pantry that is the envy of most ladies who see it.

Access is via a flyscreened door from the kitchen, so most things are visible
through the door.

There is a very user friendly back verandah/porch ideal for meals and games.

This house is a collectors dream as it is jammed full of all sorts of dolls, teddy's and
paraphenalia to delight anyone with similar interests.

There is a large collection of dolls houses and the like, many of which are furnished
and lit up at night.

An example is this quite elaborately furnished house, which opens up to display the
funishings and decor.


Carolyn said...

Merry Christmas, Peter! Put some of that good weather on Santa's sleigh ;)

Maria said...

I loved the photos. I used to collect china dolls and teddy bears so I found the photos fascinating.

Have a very Happy Holiday.

kenju said...

I like the Christmas Village. We have one too, but we didn't put it up this year.Merry Christmas, Peter, and all your family!

Pamela said...

my sister in law Fay has the same thing.. hats, teddy bears, etc.

It's like a gift shop.

Did you snore?

Dave said...

What a beautiful place Peter...!

Walker said...

That's some collection and you can see her passion for it