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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bridgetown at Christmas

And still the hilarity continues, one of the best stories to come to light yesterday was of Walter’s plumbing skills, having installed a second toilet in the bathroom (A much needed facility when the number of guests can hover around 16 at this time of year) anyway back to the story… he connected up the water and tested out the new installation… worked beautifully!!!

A few weeks went by before this toilet was used again, with a bit of constant use it was soon established that he had inadvertently connected the hot water supply!!!! Let me tell you this is a VERY clean toilet!!

Jacqui then compounded this story by explaining that her previous husband had done the same thing years before (and he was a plumber!!)

For the last couple of nights we have played a board game called Balderdash, I believe it used to be call Dictionary, this resulted in much laughter at the comical answers and or errors made by the players.

We had the father of all water fights to fill in the afternoon, this being an annual event there is an impressive array of water pistols, bombs and anything else capable of saturating an opponent, Amiee and her boyfriend Luke turned up late and missed all the fun, so Luke having been warned of this event set his phone alarm for 8am so he wouldn’t get caught while still in bed…. He slept through the bloody alarm but he was the ONLY one who did.

Well its 9am now so I guess I had better finish this and prepare for today’s festivities, whatever they may turn out to be.

Vicki is surviving all the fun pretty well, she is certainly joining in!!!


Jack K. said...

Glad to know that all is well and the festivities prevail.

Hot water? Hmmm! He may be onto something if it cleans the toilet too. snerx.

Big Dave T said...

Yea Balderdash, I'm a big fan of that game. As long as one can spin some wild yarns, you can do well. Just make sure you write clearly. One definition offered was read as a "moose-like animal" that resides in South America. Unlikely. Turns out it was supposed to be "mouse-like animal." Big difference.

Hope you're having a great holiday season there.

Pamela said...

yes - we played Dictionary -- when we really just used a dictionary and paper and pencils.

Of course Balderdash takes it to a higher level. Love that game.

Walker said...

So what you're saying is that you can make peesoup in your toilets down there.