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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Water Fight Continues

Aimee and Luke were late arrivals so missed yesterdays water fight so round
two was held in their honour, during discussions Luke had sounded like a
worthy adversary.

However when the battle began his first reaction was to run like a girl !!!

He had been warned that shear weight of numbers would be his downfall,
this proved to be an accurate forecast.

He did manage to overpower one of his attackers and fought valiantly
for a short time.

Although consoled by Aimee it is sad to report he wept openly once again
displaying his weaker side.

During the course of this battle Paula found that a convenient method of
of carrying an extra water bomb was to tuck it into her bra!!!!

This in turn led to the discovery of a completly new body profile which
she quite liked, so of course two bombs were soon installed.

Bruce found the temptation just too hard to resist of course!!!!!!!!

The resultant "let down" proved to be quite spectacular!!

After quite a hot day yesterday this morning is quite cool, so I'm hoping the
water is not flying around today, time will tell.
Balderdash continued last night, with the usual hilarity, most of us move
out tomorrow so Jacqui and Walter can resume their more normal lives.


kenju said...

You guys have way too much fun. I think I need some water bombs, too!

Puss-in-Boots said...

That's an original use for a pair of water bombs...breast implants will never be the same again!

I hope the little kids are having as much fun as you big kids.

Jack K. said...

What a great tradition. There is no doubt that you all love each other very much.

Keep your powder dry. tehee

Great photos.

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Looks as though you are all having a great time, which is beaut. The photos are good also. Kathy and Ard and Kristen brought me home today. They are going to spend most of tomorrow seeing old friends and neighbors at Waaia. We had a really lovely Christmas and lots of fun and the kids have a big water fight as well. Glad all is well
with you folks and Vick looks as though she is having a good time.
Talk to you later, Love, Merle.

Dave said...

Man... wish my family had this much fun at Christmas! *LOL*

Merle said...

Dear Peter ~~ Was the hilarity too much for you - no post?
I love the photo of Vicki on your Header and would like a copy please. The plants on the fence look great - is that Jacqui's house?
I guess you and Vick will fly home, as a long car trip would br tiring for her. Take care, Have fun
Love to everyone, Merle..

Walker said...

Implants would be dangerous for Paula but fun for a little while