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Friday, January 16, 2009

Hard lessons in economics.

Here is a very similar photo to the one I used in my last post, there is
a subtle difference though, in this one Tim has had a shampoo and a
haircut, as well as this he has been "fixed" (Tim may well look at it as
being "Unfixed" I guess.)

So no more dalliances with the ladies for Tim, just sit back and try to avoid getting
fat and lazy like the rest of us.
BTW, I meant to mention that Vicki has draped around her neck... a neck support
in the shape of a pink sheep, well actually a sheep that is a close relation to a
Dachshund, (a dog described as being "a dog and a half long and half a dog high")
but I'm getting a bit off-track here so I'll quit now.

We went for a drive down the Fleurieu Peninsula today, but as it was unplanned
we didn't have a camera with us, so I'll try to find a couple of photos from a
previous trip.

Grape vines at a winery along the way, Ooops the vines are all green at the moment
and everything else is brown (our summer colour).

Victor Harbour, a delightful historic holiday town on the coast about 90 Klm
from Adelaide.

Just a quick reference to the world's economic woes.... That's enough about that.

Along with the rest of the world, I wish President Barack Obama well and pray
that he is able to ease the suffering of so many people.


An Asian woman goes in to her local Bank Branch and begins exchanging
her money.

After the transaction is complete she asks the teller 'Why it change, yesterday
I get two hunat dollar for my money, today I only get hunat eighty?'

The teller looked over his glasses and says very slowly....'fluctuations'.

The Asian woman narrows her eyes and says, 'fluck you Aussies too'


karisma said...

ROFL, Oh I like that one "Fluck" I will have to tell my little sis (she and I do not seem to come from the same womb, she has a mouth like a trooper!)

Looking good Vicki, you are the centre of my healing web, lots of love coming your way every day! And excuse me Dad, yes I was very "comma" very tired the other day! My grammar of course is suffering all the time! AND AND AND AND I need a kiss and a cuddle, its time for bed! Nighty night! xxxxx

Ralph said...

Every time I look at your new banner - I just bust out laughing. All those people are really good sports.
Has some Austrialian wine awhile back - it was quite good.

kenju said...

LOVE the joke!!

I also like AU wines - specifically
Yellowtail Shiraz!

Carolyn said...


Jack K. said...


Now don't that fluck all?


Keep up the good fight, Vicki. We are all pulling for you.

Tim, you do look nicer. You're probably thinking, "Why in the hell did they get me fixed. I wasn't broken. Now I'm all dolled up and no place to go. And, even if I did have a place to go, what would I be able to do?"

Alas. Poor Tim.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Oh dear, poor Tim....no more pussyfooting around, even if he is a dog and not a cat.

Liked the joke, too...

Pamela said...

I just heard that joke the other day.

I'd forgotten it - I just can't remember them anymore for to tell later.

At least I know where to go find it now!

Hi vicky! Lookin' good!

Walker said...

HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!
I got to rememebr that one.