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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's the progress Doc?

Another health update on my favourite daughter Vicki.

Please click on photos to enbiggen.

To make this one a little different I thought I would take you on a trip
back through Vicki's life, here we see "Mary Poppins and Bert" AKA
Vicki and her older brother Alan, on their way to a fancy dress party.

Jumping forward a few years this shows Vicki combing her hair on her honeymoon.

Again a jump of a few years Marcus and Vicki relaxing near the Adelaide unit which
is our temporary home at the moment.

Rex and Vicki about three years ago, she was positively blooming at this time.

About six months later, when the Cushings disease was at its worst, the puffiness
of her face made her almost unrecognizable then.

At Christmas 2008 in WA there was a marked improvement.

This photo taken today shows a lovely face, clear skin and bright shiny eyes,
I forgot to check whether she had a wet nose like Timmy!!!!

From this you will be able to tell that we are holding out hope that maybe she
has turned the corner and is on the road to a full recovery, sad to say she still
suffers a lot of joint pains and some headaches (these seem to be lessening
The chiropractic clinic she is attending is staffed by a lovely group of caring
people who are very professional in their work, she has now progressed from
just manipulation to an exercise program in what she describes as the torture
chamber.... enough said!!!!
In addition to this, (and with the clinics full approval) she has also enrolled
in a hydro-therapy clinic, this commences next Monday so we will wait and
see what results come from this too, you can see from this that her
chauffeur is being grossly underpaid, there will be a minimum of 7 medical
appointments per week!!!!

You just know that nothing is too much for my FD though.


Puss-in-Boots said...

That last photo of Vicki is amazing, Peter. She looks so well. Fingers crossed that the hydrotherapy helps. Thanks for the update.

Jeanette said...

Gday Peter, Nice photo's Of vicki
and I sgree with Robyn on the last photo She looks well on the road to recovery..all my love to vicki.. and hope her pain lessens as her treatment continues...

Marcus said...

Thanks for the update Pop.

Carolyn is set to come over to Adelaide for a week to take up some of the chauffer/carer duties.

Take care


Dave said...

It looks like she has a strong spirit Peter... and I"m sure it comes from her supportive family! *S*

I'm very glad she's doing well...

Merle said...

G'day Peter ~~ Thanks for the update on Vick, she is looking so much better, so I sincerely hope and pray that will continue. The water therapy should also help, maybe with the joint pains. Glad the headaches are easing. Can't you ask for a raise in your chauffeur pay???
Thanks for the comments on the pics, that is why I put both on, as Pam looked better in the first one. My love to Vicki as well as yourself. Merle.

Joy Des Jardins said...

I love all the pictures of Vicki...and NOTHING is ever too much for one of your children Peter. Vicki is a beautiful lady...I love that last photo of her smiling face...she has come through such a difficult time....amazingly. She has that same twinkle in her eyes that you do Peter. I will be hoping for the best for whatever treatments and programs Vicki will be taking from here on. Love, Joy

Gattina said...

Looking through all pictures and arriving at the last one, I think she is on the best way !

Walker said...

She looks great in that last one and i hope she has turned the corner and is getting better.
She looks happy and that smile is a big part of the cure.

Rachel said...

Hi Peter. She looks good in that last photo. I continue to pray that she continues to recover. You are right, nothing is too much for your FD!!

Timmy is cute too!

Loved all the pictures in your last post!!

I got a chuckle from your jokes too!

LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ Oh my gosh! 7 appointments per week? That almost seems like torture. But as long as it helps that is what is importnat here. Good luck to Vicki! ~ jb///
P.S. I got a kick out of your new template topper!

Christina said...

I'm so glad Vicki is doing better!!! Hang in there.

Jamie Dawn said...

I think she looks terrific, and my prayer is that she overcomes this awful disease completely.
You are a terrific dad!!!!

Pamela said...

she does appear much improved.
we know where she gets her good looks from, hey?

Jack K. said...

G'Day Peter. Thanks for the photo trip down memory lane. We fathers are quite fortunate to have such beautiful daughters.

While it is sad to see Vicki's deterioration during the Cushing's onslaught, it warms the heart to see how she is responding to treatment. No doubt dear old dad has had an impact. There is something about the love expressed by one's family to help one heal.

Please give Vick and Rex our best wishes.

As for your chauffeur pay, you would think that getting to spend that much time serving with integrity would be reward enough. te hee.

I know, without a doubt, that you would make whatever sacrifice needed were you called upon to do so.

Keep up the good works. You do know how to...

Serve with integrity, care about those you serve and share the love in your heart/soul.

btw, I really like the banner.

wazza said...

Gidday Peter,

It's great to see that Vicki is making some improvement. One trusts that this treatment will bring about her full recovery. I'm sure with your love and the love of her husband, Rex and her family and friends, Vicki will soon be her old self.

Cliff said...

This photo trip is a firm reminder of the trip thru life we all must travel. Some good and some not so good but the ones with a good family are the fortunate ones. (of course they have good families because they worked at it.)
Your post took me from hight to low and back to high. Best wishes to all but especially Vicki. I hope she isn't brought to low by her Physical Terrorist. At least that's what they're calle around these parts.