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Monday, January 12, 2009

Nature at her best

During my recent tripping around I hve been amazed by the beauty
of nature which has been on show from one side of the country to
the other.

Please click on photos to enbiggen.

This magnificent flowering gum (eucalyptus) was in central NSW.

A lovely pink rose, this and the next three photos are fro DIL Lyn's garden,
I'm sure my son Alan won't mind that I have defined this as Lyn's garden,
he inherited his fathers gardening ability... Zilch.

Kangaroo Paw this grows very well in Perth's sandy soil.

The ever popular white rose.

I may have mentioned that I like pink roses.

The town of Esperance has some lovely garden beds down the centre of many roads.

The Western Australian Christmas Tree, thus named because it flowers
during the Christmas period, this tree is a parasite which grows on the
root system of a host plant which it eventually kills.

They can be found in isolationm, as above, or in clusters of trees.

Always a favourite of mine these Fuchia's were growing at the front of a little
cafe where we had lunch on the way to Esperance WA.

To finish up, another couple of roses, it seems that all of Australia had a
"good year for the Roses"

Hope you enjoyed your nature study class.


kenju said...

Beautiful flowers and good photos, Peter! I love that Christmas tree even if it is a parasite; it's really orange!

Big Dave T said...

Not much in the way of flowers to photograph here in Michigan right now. Everything is buried under a foot of snow. I noticed the lady next door covered her rose bushes to protect them from the elements. I wonder if she knows her dog waters them regularly come spring. That can't be good for them.

Puss-in-Boots said...

The roses are beautiful, Peter. I love a real rose, i.e one that actually has a scent. Mum and Harold are fuschia fans and they have heaps of them...lovely flowers.

That Christmas tree parasite is very pretty. Shame it's such a killer. Mistletoe is a parasite too, but we don't have any hear, although it can be found anywhere.

Hope all is well with Vicki.

Jeanette said...

Gday Peter Love the roses and Fuschia, as you know there both favorites of mine...
Love the colour of the Xmas tree pity its a paraste plant..

Cliff said...

You have much prettier flowering plants than this part of the states.
Have ever mentioned I have a niece that lives in Perth and Marilyns brtoher and wife who live in NZ? We should rob a bank and come visit.

Dave said...

Beautiful flowers and plants in OZ Peter!!!! Wish I could visit for myself and see.

Walker said...

Those are beaautiful flowers and have to say roses are my favorites.
Thank for the bright sunshine and flowers to offset the white landscape around here

Ralph said...

Great pictures - really liked the Western Australian Christmas Tree.
Say, your new banner is quite good. Didn't you post that picture awhile back? I think you did because it made me laugh then as well.

karisma said...

I dont think Ive seen a flowering gum before, its lovely! As for the Roses you have just reminded me how I miss mine. My garden in Sydney had many well established Roses, they smelled so nice and would brighten my day. I don't have any up here. I must try and remedy that soon! They are by far my favourite flower especially the pink ones.

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Great pictures - love the roses and fuchsias and the flowering gum. They come in all colours, white, pind etc.
I see Adelaide's weather today was
unspeakably hot 41 C I think, which is over 105 F. We usually get their weather here, we expect 42 C tomorrow. I had Pam and Michelle overnight and we all enjoyed it.
I hope the heat isn't too awful for you and Vicki. Love to you both

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the flowers, Peter; especially all the roses!

:) that header of your family is cute!!

Junie Rose

Pamela said...

the hybrid roses don't have the lovely smells of the old fashioned ones/

Nothing nicer than the calming fragrance of a blooming rose.