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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Outback Australia

There is a lonely stretch of Australia known as Cameron Corner where
3 States meet.

You could write your own story about how this old double decker bus came to
be located out here, it probably would make as much sense as the real story.

Outback Australia.

Cameron’s Corner is located at the point where 3 states, Qld, NSW, and SA, meet, this is

one of the most remote areas in Australia, the only building or sign of population is a small

pub, motel, restaurant called “The Corner Store”

This is located in Queensland and a favourite pastime of the owner is to hand visitors a golf club

so they can whack golf ball from SA through NSW into Qld. where it will land softly in the bright

red sandy soil that covers central Australia.

Camerons Corner at the intersection of New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.

The Dingo fence seen here was originally constructed to keep rabbits out, however it was later

used to keep dingoes out of sheep farming areas. The fence stretches some 5,500 kilometres

and is the longest fence in the world.


WT said...

That could be Mike and Mal's old bus.

kenju said...

I love that photo!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Pretty stark countryside isn't it? Imagine trying to make a living from that pub, restaurant, whatever.

karisma said...

It does not look very inviting does it? Not enough green for me! Looks like a good place for a hermit.

Dave said...

Now there's one VERY long fence!!!

Looks like a very desolate place.

ps, as much as I like your new banner, I have to scroll down quickly in work when I read your blog now for fear of offending someone.

Jack K. said...

Great photos as usual. Thanks for the posting.

Desolate doesn't begin to do Camerons Corner justice.

Yep, that is one VERY long fence.

Pamela said...

one thing for certain - if you we're lost out there and found the fence -- you'd have some bearing.
But, that wouldn't do you much good. ha

Walker said...

Looks barren but beautiful in its own way.
I bet it looks like its on fire every sunset