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Monday, April 27, 2009

Dot Paintings.

Opinion is divided on the value of aboriginal dot painting, perhaps
these examples will let you decide whether you like it or not.

One thing for dure is that you need a steady hand to maintain your chosen pattern.

As with the great majority of aboriginal art the colours are always "earthy" and the dots are usually, but not always white.

Again they usually depict animals and repetitive patters and "dreamtime" images.

I must admit that I quite like many of these paintings... sorry about that WT.


RC said...

I certainly think it has a fun unique style. Maybe not something that I want an original print of, but certainly artful.

WT said...

I have no problem dot painting as such (though it is a little too primitive for my tastes). My big concern is with the unscrupulous white dealers who keep the painters (I refuse to call them artists) virtually imprisoned and constantly drunk.

There have been a number of exposes about it over the past few years. There are two galleries in the Rocks that charge between 2k and 5k per painting from unknown painters who in turn get paid in alcohol.

WT said...

And that's not even getting into the whole question of the designs being tribal property, and not meant for general distribution.

Dave said...

Wow, they're beautiful Peter! Do you own one/some???
How expensive are they?

Jack K. said...

Beautiful paintings.

Primitive? Yes.

Art? Yes.

Spiritual? Yes.

To be exploited? Hell, no.

I would only hope that something can be done to free the slaves. These artists deserve better.

Anonymous said...

I hope my comment came through?

Anonymous said...

Oh. I see it didn't, so I'll try to repeat it: I say these are lovely. They remind me of miniature Peruvian reverse applique. At any rate they are a new art form for me and I LOVE them. Thanks for showcasing them here.

Christina said...

I love them!

kenju said...

Those are beautiful, Peter!! I'd love to see more.

karisma said...

Well I like them. I understand where WT is coming from though and agree with his points there but the artists I have met, paint and sell their own works which are reflections of their own lives. So I guess a different cup of tea.

There is a fellow that paints at our local markets and his work is starting to look a bit all the same, not so spiritual but more what people want to buy. He uses bright colours etc, not so authentic. I guess for him its a living so good on him.

Walker said...

I think they are great.
I think they are art.
They create what they see in the patterns they choose.
It might not be everyones taste but I like it

Pamela said...

I'd love to be able try that.
(but you'd better pay me more than alcohol)