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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More health issues for Vicki and Rex

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More health issues for Vicki and Rex.

For anyone who may not know of whom I speak; Vicki is my daughter who is recovering slowly from serious health issues and Rex is her husband of 30 years.

For once this is not more bad news about Vicki’s health, this time its Rex’s turn, he had some “normal, routine” blood tests recently and was called back for a prostate biopsy, just to be sure!!!!!

Yes you guessed it the biopsy was positive, he has prostate cancer, this is a very fit clean living man of 51 who would be the last one to be expected to be a cancer candidate.

We are all having some difficulty getting our minds around this the latest crisis to come into these young lives, I am having serious doubts about the idea that god doesn’t put more on you than you can bear, over the last few years their burden has been very heavy indeed with successive years of drought and family issues to contend with as well as all the health problems.

Both Vicki and Rex are positive thinkers and are coming to terms with this new problem, they have had enough rain to enable them to start the grain seeding for what we hope will be a much better harvest than the past few have been, this means about 3 weeks of very long hours and tension as they ward off the usual run of incidents that go to make the life of a farmer “interesting”.

Hopefully they can come through this without delays and breakdowns as Rex is scheduled for surgery on May 21.

I know that I have put some pressure on you all over the last few months with my plea’s for prayers and positive karma for Vicki, I would now ask that this be extended to Rex as well, they are both worthy of, and in need of all our help, thank you.


Jack K. said...

Sorry to learn of Rex's prostate cancer. Prayers and positive energy coming your way.

A positive attitude and humor are an essential part of his recovery.

I am sure that they will weather this storm as well as they did the previous one. They are fortunate to have each other and the supporting family they have.

Keep up your good works.

Jan said...

I've added Rex to my list. (Rex was my Dad's name. It's a good one.)

WT said...

Fingers crossed that Rex's surgery goes well.

Puss-in-Boots said...

OMG, your poor family, Peter. They've had the most rotten run lately and one wonders what the purpose of it all is. Anyway, most certainly both Vicki and Rex have my prayers and thoughts. Fortunately it sounds as if the cancer was caught early enough so that he should be okay...I sincerely hope so, anyway.

All the very best to you all, Peter, and keep positive.

karisma said...

Hugs to Vicki and Rex, (You know I already added Rex to my healing network after I saw you.) Wishing him a speedy recovery!

Dave said...

Absolutely Peter... you're all in my prayers, especially Rex!

Laurie said...

Prostate cancer is HIGHLY curable. I know Rex can kick this. You're a strong bunch,

Christina said...

My prayers and positive thoughts are with both Vicki and Rex.

Merle said...

Dear Peter ~~ What a rotten break for Vick and Rex and I hope and pray
that the surgery for Rex will be the
end of any cancer. I got a shock when I heard of it in a comment from Robyn. If God brings it to you, He will see you through it. I believe
this, and with Rex's good health and habits should help. Maybe no more football? Cheers, Merle.

Ralph said...

We'll be praying for Vicki and Ray.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

So sorry to hear about Rex and at such a young age. My prayers are with him and for a good & speedy recovery on his upcoming surgery. I sure hope that they have improved methods of surgery since my husband had prostate surgery 15 years ago.

Take care Peter and stop by to visit once in a while.


Pamela said...

Sometimes I think cancer is caused by stress -- and Rex has had his share this past year! Will you be headed back to help again?

A prayer for Rex and a speedy recovery. (I'm convinced that he will!)

Junebug said...

I will pray for Rex. Thanks for asking. :D

Rachel said...

I'm so sorry to hear this Peter. I worked for a urologist and prostate cancer, if caught early, is highly curable, so that is good news. I will certainly add Rex to my prayer list. He is so young to have it. We just never know what we'll have to bear in this life do we?

He'll be having surgery on my birthday, so that'll make it easy to remember for me.

Cliff said...

Prayers? Indeed. Done.
For health for both Vicki and Rex, and patience, and endurance, and prosperity, and the continuation of help and love by a great family. Best wishes as they plant. Are you going out to help again??

Walker said...

Oh man, I'm sorry to here about Rex.
He's a tough lad and i know he will get by this.

What pressure, we are all friends here and part of a big blogging family.
I will be keeping Rex and Vicki in my thoughts

Jamie Dawn said...

There's no explaining why so often good people are plagued with sorrow and problems. I know the rain falls on us all, but some seem to get far more than what seems to be their fair share. I prayed for Rex just now, and I will keep him in my prayers. I know Vicki must be worried and is in need of prayer too.
I pray Rex's surgery is completely successful, and that he goes on to live a cancer free life!

kenju said...

Peter, I am sorry to hear of the latest troubles. Prostate cancer is very slow growing, so I hope they have caught it early. I will definitely add Rex to my list for prayers alongside Vicki.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Peter, I too will be praying for Rex and hoping his surgery goes very well. It's impossible not to question your faith at times like these Peter, but I'm praying for you too sweet guy....to stay strong. You all are incredibly inspirational as a family, and it has served you well...Much love, Joy

Jeanette said...

Gday Peter, Im like you I wonder how so much can be handed out to one family and not question it?

From the bottom of my heart I wish Rex a full and speedy recovery for his upcomming surgery.. Love Jan