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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fun Monday May 4

Karisma is hosting Fun Monday May 4

Heres da rules

.......We all know our kids and pets are often a great source of amusement to us at the best of times. I want to hear a funny, silly or just downright cute story about your pets or your children. Have they ever done anything to totally embarrass you in public? Have they done something you thought was outrageous at the time, only to laugh at it later? Have they outwitted you in some devious way, only the way a kid can? Come on, out with it! Lets hear the juicy gossip!

For those of you who are too lazy to write, how about posting some funny pictures instead! (Must be of your pets or offspring though!) Have fun with it!


My story goes back maaaany years and has to do with a wily old horse named Ned,
(a most original and imaginative name I'm sure you'll agree) this crafty old nag had quite a bag
of tricks which included the ability to nuzzle the chain over the peg of a gate to open it should
he decide he wanted a change of paddocks.
The incident I am about to tell of didn't involve him in opening gates though, a visiting cousin
and I decided to hitch Ned up to a buggy and take a ride into town, a distance of some 8 miles,
we had covered about half of this distance at a leisurely pace and stopped to let Ned graze on
a patch of green grass by the roadside, quite suddenly the idea came into Ned's mind that he
didn't want to finish this trip he felt inclined to turn around and go home.
With Ned once a plan was conceived he would put it into action, accordingly he made a sharp
about face causing the four wheeled buggy to teeter dangerously on two wheels, believing our
very first vehicle roll-over was about to occur Danny and I leapt clear, the expected roll-over
didn't happen so Ned trotted of down the road towards home.
Danny and I scrambled to our feet and gave chase to the buggy that was headed off at a fast
clip, here I must ask whether my readers know what happens when an animal perceives that it is
being chased??? They increase the speed of their escape!!!! Ned soon convinced us that he
would win this race so we slowed to a walk hoping he would soon follow suit, as he disappeared
around a bend it became obvious he was dancing to a different piper!!!
As we trudged dejectedly up to the home gate an hour later there to our surprise was Ned
complete with an undamaged buggy waiting patiently to be let in, the lazy B****** didn't
bother to let himself in!!!!!!!

Here we are, two 12 year olds all set for our big adventure, I did mention that this Looong
ago didn't I? before the days of colour photography.

This shot shows Ned and three of his small buddies all set for a days fun, I don't recall
the outcome but its a safe bet that Ned won.

I could have told you about the small disagreements that Boston, my sheepdog and I used
to have... he was quite sure he knew more about sheep than I did so he would totally ignore
my commands and do it his way, I must admit he was usually right... but he could have
humoured me sometimes!!!
However I didn't choose to tell you that story so you should go and read some of the tales
of woe written by other Fun Mondayers at Karisma's site.


Puss-in-Boots said...

Hahaha! Those who say animals are dumb don't know what they're talking about, do they? Good story, Peter, and nice to know a horse got it over a couple of kids.

Pamela said...

my mom liked to tell me about their horse "old Nel." When my grandparents settled down long enough for the kids to go to school, Old Nel was hitched to a buck board of sorts and then she'd trot and toot her way all the way to school.

Yes, old Nel was a wind bag. And the wind was always blowing at the south end of the horse headed north.

Rachel said...

That was a good story Peter!! I'm glad the buggy wasn't damaged and that 'no animals were harmed' in this story!! Haha! Sounds like Ned, as well as Boston, were smart animals!!

Love those old B&W photos!!

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ That was a loooong time
ago wasn't it?
Not too much wrong with your memory.
I wonder what would have happened if Ned had taken you and Danny to Benalla. How did you plan to shop
or whatever? Ned may have wanted to tour the town. Take care, Love, Merle.

Hootin' Anni said...

LOL....great story Peter!! I tellya, animals....they have a mind of their own. Don't they?


Dave said...

Great story AND great pictures Peter!

Janis said...

Ned has a mind of his own, like a lot of animals. Thanks for the funny story and I love the photos.

Alta said...

I have one of those horses now. Yes the kinds that opens and closes the gate at her own leisure. Kinda like kids they are. Doing things for their own convenience.
Happy Fun Monday!

Sayre said...

Selective intelligence!!! Ned had it in spades. My son does too...

TROLL Y2K said...

Funny story and great old pics. I actually prefer a horse with a bit of mischief in their make-up.

Faye said...

And I thought only dogs were escape artists, Peter! What a great childhood memory--you, your pals, and old Ned. Something that you hope every child has. BTW, what kind of sheepdog did you have?

And, glad to see you're home--hope that's good news with Vicki.

Faye said...

Well crap Peter. I should have read your previous post before commenting on how good you must feel to be home. I'm so sorry that your family has been dealt this additional blow with Rex's diagnosis. Will be sending good karma wishes your way for successful surgery and treatment. Have a friend who's in his second year of recovery--so far so good.

Karmyn R said...

Ned definitely had a mind of his own!!!

Tiggerlane said...

In that second photo, it looks like Ned has mischief on his mind...he looks ready to buck you guys at any second! Great story!

The Church Lady said...

Gosh, was it before automobiles too? I enjoyed your story about Ned. Thanks for sharing.

Big Dave T said...

I should tell the story of our old poodle who we taught to retrieve the newspaper from the front stoop. One time the paperboy forgot us, but no matter, our poodle just went next store and got the neighbor's paper off his porch. My mother opened the front door to see our neighbor chasing her dog, his paper in its mouth.

Hea, I thought I was going to have news on my mortgage (re your comment there). I received an official looking letter from our bank today. But it turned out to be just their privacy notice. Darn!

karisma said...

Haha! Sounds like lots of fun, although Im sure it was frustrating at the time! I would have loved to have seen it unfold. Thanx for joining in.

Bobbie Leigh said...

Hi, I came over from Karisma's page. What a great story, I loved the pictures!

LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ When you say LAZY... I know who you are talking about! ~ jb///