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Thursday, May 21, 2009

More old Slides

very happy 75th birthday to my sister Merle on the 24th

A few more of my resurrected slides... I'm still havin' fun and there is LOTS more to go.

Please click on photos to enbiggen.

What better way to start a post than with a couple of photos of vintage cars?

Many years ago when we lived in Toowoomba there was a vintage car rally which drew entries from all over the world, being a budding photographer and a car enthusiast I shot heaps of film at this event... imagine me now with a digital camera !!!

I felt I should post a pic of MY cat, some people have the impression that I don't like cats....
simply because of a flippant remark that I made.. about liking cats but I didn't think I could eat
a whole one... now is that a basis on which to judge.

If shearing sheep isn't the worlds worst job its certainly one of them... Oh my back!!!

During our years on the farm at Maryborough Vic we went all out for self sufficiency, vegetable garden, sheep, cows. chooks (chickens/hens to the uninitiated)

This magnificent shed graced the property when we bought it... the posts all leaned to the East but the roof remained at the original angle so renovation was undertaken.

We are well on the way to having a usable shed here with only a few old posts to be replaced by straight/vertical steel ones.

At Alice Springs

At Alice Springs in central Australia we found a wonderful gallery full of the most wonderful stone carvings you could ever imagine, please enbiggen and marvel at the children's faces.

There were hundreds of huge Water Buffalo roaming the NT when we first visited, they have since been eradicated as they were spreading disease (TB) through the cattle herds.

There are millions of fossilized outcrops near Cervantes on the WA coast, they range in size fromdarning needle size to 15 foot monsters... the area is known as "The Pinnacles"

Brush tailed Possums are quite common in Australia, I have one living in my ceiling space.... I thought seriously about evicting him after he broke an electrical cable up there and fused my lights, judging from the noise I believe he used the cable as a skipping rope!!!! you get used to living in the dark eventually though.

At Philip Island in Victoria there is a large colony of Fairy Penguins who spend their days at sea fishing and return each night just after sundown to their burrows and their young when they have them.

Our camping accommodation improved substantially as we did more of it... no more little plastic tent!!!

Near Gekie Gorge in WA this old Holden marks the high water mark from an especially good WET season... the locals told us that mother nature had put it up that tree, but I'm inclined to think there may have been a crane involved.


Puss-in-Boots said...

Well, I must agree with you, Peter. I like cats too, but I wouldn't like to eat one.

Love those old vintage cars. And I'm so glad in the shearing photo, that your jeans have stayed where they're supposed and not slid down your bum.

I enjoyed tent camping when I was younger but like you and your family, graduated to an 18 ft caravan. It really didn't seem like "camping" though, pleasant as it was.

I enjoyed that post, Peter. Next please...

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hey, I've just read your good news about Rex on Merle's blog. I'm so happy for you all. It's about time the poor things had some good news. Yippeeeee!

Pamela said...

so much to say - where to start.

Oh Oh OH! I know what I wanted to say.

I really like that guys Toowoomba in that sheep shearing picture. It's pinchable.

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Great old pictures that I enjoyed seeing again.
The news about Rex is wonderful and by far the best birthday present either of us could wish for. I am so
pleased and also amazed how quick the pathology results were. I guess
they are different for some things.
Thanks for the B'day greetings. The 3 year bit doesn't work any more.
I hope the 28th is good for you also. Love, Merle.

Peter said...

Just a couple of comments on the comments!!!!
Robyn: yeah, butt crack should be avoided at all cost!!!

Pamela: I've heard many descriptions of posteriors but your "Toowoomba" one is priceless and the fact that you describe it further as "pinchable" is flattering, (mind you that was a long time ago!!!

Merle: say what you like you will still be 3 years older than me for 4 days after Sunday 24th.

JunieRose2005 said...

:) Happy Birthday Peter- a little early!

This post was very interesting...some great pics here!


kenju said...

Peter, I am so happy to hear that Rex is okay!!

Tell Merle I said Happy Birthday and I also hope that yours is good (on the 28th)!

Walker said...

Great pictures.
I didn't know you were a sheep barber.
Love the nature pictures and old cars, ah they had character and some characters drove them