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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The third lot of scanned slides.

Here are some more old slides that I've converted to digital images.

Please click on photos to enbiggen.

This was the harvesting plant for the 1978 harvest at Fosters Farm in Wudinna SA

This was what they used in 2008, just a quick 30 year jump there!!!

Moving the grain has also taken a leap forward too.

Looking down from the cabin of the header this is a section of the 40 foot thresher where it all starts to happen.

More accurately this is where it all starts to happen, love those curves.

Ooops the last 4 photos were not scanned from slides.

I also love the old lights on the steps of Parliment House in Melbourne Vic.

This is known as Natures Window it overlooks the Murchison River near Kalbari in WA

Just room for Julie to put her head through a hole in the rock here.

This small bulldozer isn't much bigger than a mid sized car is featured because of its name.

I have some better photos of this plant somewhere, but I haven't come across them yet,
its known as either the devil bush or the wolf bush because of the dried growth.

This is a very large dam on the Franklin River in Tas.

Downstream view of the dam wall which is about 300 feet high, this dam is used to generate electricity through a hydro/electric system.

A very tenacious tree growing from a crack in the rock of a water course in a NSW National Park, I wanted a better photo of this but when I returned the following year it had been washed out by a flood.


Pamela said...

I see your announcement -- Great news!!

That devils plant reminds me of one we have around here. We call it goats head. And if really is a bitch if you step on it barefoot or ride your bike tire over it.

Cliff said...

Great, welcome news. Glad everthing is right with the world.
If you look closely at the thorn, it looks like a miniature chickens head.
I loved all of the old photos.
Yes I've helped shear sheep. I would agree with you.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Great news about Rex. What a relief for you all.

Lovely old photos...they're good to look back on.

That's the only thing about this country...if you go back to the same place the following year something's either been destroyed by fire or washed away by flood.

Patty said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER. Hope you have one fantastic day on the 28th.

Patty said...

P.S. I follow your sisters blog.

Jeanette said...

Wow thats the best news to hear that all well with Rex..I know how good that news sounds.
Nice pics Peter I like the one of Julie sitting in Natures window..
"Very Happy Bithday Wishes" for Thursday Peter. Just incase I dont come on tomorrow I go in to Hospital tommorrow Annual Colonoscopy Friday..

Walker said...

Everything is getting bigger like my belly.
The more they harvest the more i eat
Technology sucks LOL