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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Raised Dust

A massive dust storm has hit the east coast of Australia, Sydney, Brisbane and countless centers in between have been engulfed by dust, millions of tons of topsoil from the outback have come to town.

Gympie was not exempted from the airborne dust this view was typical of anywhere in the city at 3 pm today

This is the view from my back veranda looking toward the Nestle factory that I have posted about before, yes that is the sun just barely visible through the haze... and its only 3.40 pm.

This is a photo with a similar view taken last year after a prolonged absence during which the jungle grew in my yard, if the dust has cleared in the morning I will take a fresh photo.

Here we are with an almost clear sky again, todays gentle breeze has swung around enough so I'm getting my free caffeine fix, life is good, by the way that photo is zoomed quite a bit, I don't really live that close to the factory.


karisma said...

We got it too! It was really orange here and thick. We awoke to it and it did not clear until late afternoon. They say we might get another one on Saturday, I hope not!

kenju said...

I hope you took care and didn't breathe any of that in!!

Cliff said...

Now you have an excuse for the dust in the house.

Rachel said...

Hi Peter! Gosh, that is awful. Sure not good for the lungs and especially for folks with asthma.
I'm glad things have cleared up.

Your last post gave me a good chuckle today!!!

Christina said...

Oooh, that looks awful. Hope it has cleared up and you don't get any more.

Maria said...

Do make sure you stay in and don't breathe that air. It looks terrible, but I had to smile at the idea of Cliff's about an excuse for the dust in the house.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Yep I've posted about the dust too. BTW, close your windows tonight...there's another on the way. Just what you always wanted...

Jeanette said...

Gday Peter,
Hope you had the house all shut up. We got it overnight conbined with rain the windows all all streaked with red dust along with outdoor setting what a mess, oopps and brown water yuk. take care .

Pamela said...

I dare ya to chew gum with your mouth open.

(You can tell I've had an experience with dust storms.)

Big Dave T said...

I saw this on the news. The NBC nightly news had pictures of Sidney with the shroud of dust. I wondered if any of my blogging buddies were affected.

While in Canada, I watched some AFL in one of the restaurants up there. Kinda of like a cross between rugby, soccer and football.

wendishness said...

Horrible stuff wasn't it, and so wide spread!