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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Computer dependancy

This is the proof that we have become too dependent on our computers.

Are you Male, or female?

To find out the answer, Look down....







Look down, not scroll down!


karisma said...

LOL! Now that WAS funny and an eye roller at the same time!

Carolyn said...

Ack! Ya got me, lol!

Marcus said...

Carn the Cats
Just arrived in Melbourne
Can't wait

willowtree said...


LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ I try and LOOK UP! Cheers mate! I love the footie picture on top. ~ jb///

Christina said...

Ha ha!

Lyn said...

Boy, Oh boy! They just keep getting funnier. Oh sorry, i take that back, I'm a girl!! :P
Lyn x

Cliff said...

Yeah, but what if I'd had clothes on? Then it wouldn't have been so funny.

Pamela said...

got me, too. But, you still have a GP rating. I only saw my keyboard.