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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Favourite Daughter's Visit

The wonderful week of my Favourite Daughters visit is over, she flew
back to Adelaide VERY early on Tuesday morning, we stayed at Warrens
which is only about 40 minutes from the Brisbane Airport but we still
had to be up at 3.45 am to be sure of getting there in time.

Please click on photos to enbiggen.

You will recognize this photo as my current header photo, it was taken at
Mt Tambourine about 10 years ago.

Same girl, same mountain, same fence but without the pretty flower boxes last Monday,
we had a little trouble finding the spot but in the original one Vicki is holding a teddy
bear from "Teddies at Tambourine" and the business is still right there
Its hard to know just where to start with the week that flew past but we did achieve
a lot.... starting out with buying a new car... I really loved my Hyundai i30 as I've
said before but the local Hyundai people made me an offer I couldn't resist on an
upgrade to a "Sonata" which in the Hyundai range is their luxury 4 door sedan, it has
the same diesel motor and auto transmission that I loved in the i30 and an absolute
host of features for quiet comfortable motoring, so long story short we bought one!!!
Of course we had to go for a test drive, so in the next 4 days we did about 1000 km
(600 miles) visited some friends and saw some lovely scenery.

Here is Vicki standing beside the Golden beast (which Hyundai describe as silky beige)
at the nearby town of Maryborough.
We had some great meals, all within Vicki's fairly rigid dietary rules, and I'm very
pleased to report that her health is excellent, the change over the last 12 months is
nothing short of miraculous, that's not to say that she doesn't still have some issues
but compared with the state she was in last Christmas she is great.


JunieRose2005 said...


That's just wonderful about Vicki's improvement in her health matters! I'm so happy! So glad you had a nice visit with your girl, and I enjoyed all the pics!!

Take care,


kenju said...

Just re-read Junie's comments - they go for me too!

Cliff said...

Vicki looks great and it's so pleasing to see.
The silky beige would just be called a number by my boys in the body shop business.
Congrats on the new ride.

Jack K. said...


What great news about Vicki's recovery. Keep up the good works young lady. We're all pulling for you.

Who says the positive energy of friends can't make a difference? Just look at Vicki's progress.

Looks like the new car bug has bitten both of us. We took delivery of a 2010 Honda Odyssey Monday a week ago. Tomorrow we take it on its first road trip. We are traveling to Ann Arbor, Michigan. It is a journey of about 784 miles one way.

It should be a great weekend, particularly if our team, Penn State, wins the football game.

Take care.

karisma said...

Sounds like a wonderful week! So glad Vicki is doing well, she looks fantastic, this puts a very big smile on my face this morning! I still keep her in my healing web every day. (along with Rex and yourself :-))

Very nice new car! Remember to drive safely now and don't leave your keys and wallet on the roof! hehe!

Hugs and smoochies xxxx

willowtree said...

This is really very good news indeed!

willowtree said...

PS. Being the old fart you are, you must stop buying new toys. You don't want the money to expire before you do!

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ John had told me about the new car. You realise you will have to take a long trip in it now.
I am glad you had a great week with
Vick and it went too quickly I bet.
I am expecting Kathy and her three girls up on Sat which is her 48th
birthday. Take care, Love, Merle.

Dave said...

Wow, very glad Vicki's doing so well! She looks great!

Congrats on the new car, looks like a real beauty.... *S*

Carolyn said...

Lovely pics of Vicki, she does look much healthier and happier. Glad you 2 enjoyed some time together :)