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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Brisbane to Vic... Day 2

This shows the Ebor waterfall, Ebor is another pretty little town located in the New England ranges, its cooler and has a more reliable rainfall in the higher spots so its always green and pleasant.

From Dorrigo to Tamworth (Australia's Country Music Capital) on The Waterfall Way is through some really pretty countryside but my trip timing was out by a couple of weeks in the case of the wattle blossom imagine the photo here with golden blossom covering every tree along the road verge.

At Tamworth I spent a pleasant hour browsing the shops and heritage buildings, I was intrigued by the old hitching post on the sidewalk.

But what's with the people who named this pub the White Bull, are they colour blind???
Click photos to enbiggen.

There is a very nice memorial to the First Fleet (who kindly delivered us the criminals and convicts that made up our original white inhabitants) in a tiny township in central NSW, nowhere near where the first settlers would have been.
See explanatory sign on the gate!!!!

There is a large "ShadeSail" structure in the park and as this photo shows at the rear side there is a realistic set of sails quite similar to those that would have been on the ships used at the time... very impressive!!

Its all in a very pretty setting and I'm pleased to see that someone has gone to the trouble of creating this memorial.

This is located just short of "Willow Tree" where a good friend (mostly) WT aka Dingo lives, he was good enough to offer food and a bed as well as some instruction in the use of a computer!!!
Yeah, he's one of those smart ass types that actually understand computers!!!!

Another good day, heading towards Merle's tomorrow.


Dave said...

As usual, beautiful pictures Peter!
I also always learn something coming here... there seems to be so little I know about Oz...

Jack K. said...

Beautiful photos, but then could you do anything less than that?

Glad to know the trip is going well and that "Frank" is making it pleasant for you.

Give Merle our regards.

willowtree said...

Always nice to see you, and there's the added bonus of making sure my medication is working.
You + computer = good test for my blood pressure meds.

wazza said...

Gidday Ole' Mate,

Aren't you glad I mentioned to you about visiting Ebor Falls. It's a great looking waterfall and the Dangar Falls at Dorrigo are pretty good too. Good to see you arrived safe and sound at Merle's.
It's still bloody hot here, how's it in Victoria?

Puss-in-Boots said...

New England has some pictureque places. Actually driving in air conditioned car is probably a good thing to be doing. It was 24 C last night...muggy as hell.

Anyway, say hi to Merle and do drive carefully.