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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nov 2009 trip

I have used Microsoft LiveWriter to prepare this post as I can set it out while off line so while I haven't got a permanent internet connection its very handy, I've just arrived at Merle's so I'm posting it as-is some of the photo placements could be better..... Next time!!!!

For anyone who is interested and has access to a map of NSW you can trace my circuitous route from Warren’s place this AM to Dorrigo in the New England Ranges of NSW.

I headed first for Beaudesert which is still in Qld. Then on to Kyogle in NSW, just before I got to Kyogle I saw this old Farmall Tractor on the roadside when I stopped to take a 2009_1116australia20090001 (855 x 642) photo the owner came out so we chatted for a pleasant half hour or so, he also had this VERY nice 1939 model Chevrolet as well.2009_1116australia20090006 (855 x 642)

When I introduced myself he said his name was Kelly Webb, then followed an explanation that he didn’t like his Christian name so when people started calling him “Ned Kelly” after our most famous bushranger (highway-man) he decided to adopt the name “Kelly”.

Our discussion had been mainly about old cars and tractors so when I said goodbye and I’ll see you around again sometime he chimed in with, “if I’m still around… I’m a 1932 model you know” when I said I was a 1936 model he took heart and said we would meet again, I hope so, he was a very interesting bloke to talk with.

I stopped again before Kyogle to take some photos of the old 2009_1116australia20090004 (855 x 642)railway “loop” which was built in early years to enable the old steam trains, which were used to transport the timber that was cut in the ranges, to negotiate the steep terrain through the ranges.

Kyogle has a very steep lookout over the town unfortunately its pretty overgrown blocking out a lot of the view.2009_1116australia20090010 (855 x 642)

On to Casino then to Grafton, this town is the undisputed jacaranda tree capital of Australia, the Gympie jacaranda’s are past their prime as it has been so dry during spring this year.2009_1119australia20090075 (855 x 642) 2009_1119australia20090073 (855 x 642)

I had read about a very old Department store in Billingen so that was the next port of call, I caught them just before closing time and took a few photos, it’s a very nice old town which still has most of its old buildings intact.

Along “The Waterfall Way” with a couple of stop’s for the Newell Falls

2009_1116australia20090038 (642 x 855)

2009_1116australia20090044 (855 x 642) and Dangar Falls just outside of Dorrigo… where I’m spending the night.

All-told an interesting day and “Frank” behaved perfectly so we’ll see what tomorrow brings.


Dave said...

Beautiful pictures Peter... and sounds like a great guy to chat with that you met!

I use Windows Live Writer for my blog and love it.
One thing you may want to do, is click on the picture in it, then click on the options button at right, and click the "Open picture in new window" as well as set the resolution of that opened picture.

Glad to hear you made it to Merle's... send some pics from there! *S*

kenju said...

Great photos and I love seeing the jacarandas!!

Say hello to Merle and enjoy the rest of the trip!

Pamela said...

the falls are pretty. Sure is sad when a road interrupts its way down