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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Touring With Frank

Well folks I'm on the move again,this weekend I'm visiting Warren in Brisbane and on Monday I'm heading south... through NSW to Victoria where I will visit with lots of friends and family, this is an annual (at least) catch up and always enjoyable.

After a couple of weeks of this I will Head for SA to visit with Favourite Daughter and FOSSIL, they are VERY busy with their best harvest for many years so I'm keeping out of the way for a while until they get most of it done.

The plan was that then Warren and I would go across to WA but as he is still a part of the work force committed to paying our tax bill he was unable to get holidays at the right time so we have put that trip on hold until next year.

Will keep in touch when the opportunity arises, have fun... I intend to!!!


Jim said...

Hey Peter, have fun on that trip. Too bad Warren couldn't come, he does really neat write-ups.

I got back to you here via your 'The Tin Horse Highway' post. That was just great!

Of course you and Frank will be joining that road in high fashion. It is a good looking car. Who is that good looking man beside it?

The last time I named a car I was married to a different lady. It was her school car that she picked out that was supposed to last two years for her nursing classes.

It missed by a few months, she killed it. Mrs. Jim and I have been married for 37 years, she hasn't killed anything or anyone. Yet.

karisma said...

Have fun and drive safely! Hugs xxx

Puss-in-Boots said...

So your car's called Frank...mine's Holly.

Have fun, give Merle and Vicki a hug and drive safely, hear?

I was going to pop in and see you on Dec 5 as I'll be in Maroochydore that weekend, but you probably won't be home, so you'll miss out, won't you...

Have fun...

kenju said...

Have fun and a safe trip, Peter. I hope Frank Sonata decides to behave and runs on all cylinders!

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ I will be pleased to see you and Frank - clever idea. Bet it can't sing like Frank though. Have a safe trip and I am looking forward to your visit. John reminds me that he has seen the gold car already.
I guess even the "gold star" fits in.
No end to our talent is there.
Drive carefully and enjoy the trip down. Love, Merle.

Cliff said...

Love the name of your car Peter. Keep the 'fun' to within legal limits. Okay? Okay, maybe not, but do have fun.

JunieRose2005 said...

Sounds like some fun plans you have working!

Be safe,


Jack K. said...

Have a great time.

Don't drink and drive.

Give everyone my best.

Frank Sonata, indeed. snerx.

Dave said...

I envy you your wonderful road trips Peter.... *S*

Safe travels my friend.

Rachel said...

I hope you are having a great trip Peter!

My Buick got hit in the back end recently so it's currently being fixed. In the meantime the rental they gave me is a Hyundai Sonata. First time I had driven one, but I really like it!

Enjoy and be safe!!