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Monday, January 25, 2010

Australia Day 2010

Australia Day is celebrated on January 26th each year, it is the day when Aussies are at their most jingolistic and brings out many strange outfits and customs, but despite this we are proud to be Aussies and firmly believe we live in the best country on earth.

To The Australia Day Hypocrite

There’s some bullshit in this nation, that’s quickly spreading round,
That becomes more apparent on Australia Day,
Like the flags that some are waving on close inspection found,
Where made in some Asian country far away.

I’m proud to be an Aussie you can hear wavers cheer,
But it seems that their conviction isn’t tough,
You’d like to buy Australian but flags made here are dear,
So you’re proud but not quite proud enough?

You say you love Australia but that’s an easy thing to bleat,
Excuse me if I doubt your sincerity,
If you don’t bother to bin your rubbish and just drop it in the street,
It doesn’t sound like you love this place to me.

There’s also an over abundance of these nationalistic clowns,
Who are loud in their jingoistic cries,
They say they love Australia then steal what isn’t nailed down,
And what cant be taken is usually vandalised.

And don’t you love these wankers who in a patriotic voice,
Want bring immigration to a halt,
But mostly those who get here become Australian out of choice,
If you’re born here you’re only Aussie by default.

They come into our country spoil our culture, take our jobs,
For decades this has been said in repetition,
It is banter of the ignorant and by lazy Aussie slobs,
Who are afraid of a little competition.

So you think you’re a proud Aussie and for this country you would fight,
But I question your allegiance in your plan,
If in the streets and pubs you’re blueing then you’re logic isn’t right,
Cause you’re fighting with a fellow countryman.

True blueness cant be measured by how hard we wave a flag
Or what borders we were born within,
Its not measured by our appearance or any other tag.
Its about how much were prepared to put back in.

Those who truly love this country do more than wave our colours,
Self infatuation is not in their routine,
They’ll sacrifice their spare time in the pursuit of helping others,
And in the limelight they’re very rarely seen.

Are you proud to be an Aussie because of what others have achieved?
You think that somehow this reflects on you,
Its more likely that you’re grateful of the benefits you receive,
As Having a go isn’t something that you do.

Its easy to claim Aussie pride when there’s no test you have to pass,
But Ill give you a cap to try and fit,
If when contributing to our nation you cant get off your arse,
You’re not full of pride you’re only full of shit.

That's telling it like it is!!!! perhaps a bit to much so for some.

Speaking of strange costumes here is a conservative example, as I prepare a feast for Wazza and myself.

Sadly all that activity leads to the need to clean up, here I am (complete with a nipple flash) doing the dishes... the old fashioned way.

For any non-Australian readers please note the "Weeties" breakfast cereal in the background, one of our favourite's!!!


willowtree said...

three things:
1. The embedded clip wasn't available, but I recognised the homage to the Man from Snowy River just by reading it.
2. I agree with the bulk of it, nothing drives me crazy more than some yobbo wearing the flag as a cape.
3. The original MP4 clip worked (very good) and guess what, I was listed in 2 categories at the end!

PS. you put me off my6 breakfast!!

wazza said...

Hey, Peter it's me and I had a look at your Aussie Day blog and the video clip works fine for me. As for the feast you are preparing if you enlarge the photo you'll see the saucepan is empty. Just another special effect to fool the masses.
Mind you, you do look cute (eecchhh) in your Aussie Day attire.
Looks like I'm going to have another session with my shrink!!

Merle said...

Dear Peter ~~ Good post for Australia Day - I watched the video twice and then you had put the words below it. Love your Australia Day get -up. Who took the pic? I am still
wondering who took the pic of Warren on his Christmas card and I don't know how he will top that one. I may not open it.
I hope you both had fun at Robyn's party and behaved yourselves. I hope SHE had fun which is more important. Take care,Love, Merle.

Dave said...

You know those pictures would be illegal in at least 16 different countries! *LOL*

I noticed the Weeties box before even reading about it... is it kinda like Wheaties in the US??

LZ Blogger said...

Peter ~ Happy Australia Day my friend!

Cliff said...

Peter, I was filled to the eyeballs with emotions and was prepared to hail to the thoughts and then I was totally and completely disarmed by your pics. I see why Wazza doesn't seem to be able to visit too often. Breath taking indeed.

Cazz said...


Love the outfit, you would have fitted right in at my 50th birthday bash "Aussie Themed" party - hopefully mum will post a few pics shortly .. but next time loose the towel and find boxers !!!!

Cazz xxxoooxxx

Jeanette said...

Gday Peter,, I was going to say love the Aussie clobber, it would have fitted in well here cazz 50th.. there i said it anyway..
blogs up

Janell said...

You gotta come to the next Blogstock and bring your Australia Day outfit!

Happy Australia Day!

Pamela said...

your little wardrobe malfunction gave me a strong notion to reach out and tweak it.

Big Dave T said...

Happy Australia Day. Thanks for posting the words to go with that cartoon. The brogue in that cartoon had me stumped in a couple spots.

Every country has their issues and it's funny how many of them are alike.

Puss-in-Boots said...

That poem sure tells it like it is...very Aussie.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Love the poem....but love your outfit even more Peter. Hope Australia Day 2010 was wonderful for you my friend. Hugs, Joy

Walker said...

If you believe you live in the greatest country in the world then you do.
So wave you flag around.
Just don't wave it at Wazza he might smack you.