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Monday, February 01, 2010

Fun with words

Hope its OK for anyone to play??? I stumbled onto this and thought, why not!!

Its free association, whatever pops into your head when you read the words.

  1. Furniture ::
  2. What makes your house different to mine.

  3. Beauty ::
  4. What makes you different to me

  5. Sip ::
  6. A really slooooow drink.

  7. Block ::
  8. Sorry, you can't get past.

  9. Forehead ::
  10. The part of your face that creases up.

  11. Championship ::
  12. Roger Federer (well the Australian open finished yesterday)

  13. Hurl ::
  14. swirl, girl, curl, Merle.

  15. Whip ::
  16. Oh yeah whip me baby!

  17. Destruction ::
  18. Weapon of mass--------

  19. Leather ::
  20. the smell of a new car.

There is a "master site" that organises this task (no its not a meme I don't do them.)

Check here for the rules (there aren't any)


Pamela said...

okay -- TMI on the whip. ha ha

Dave said...

Whip you? Why you kinky devil you! *LOL*

Janell said...

I put my responses up at One Square Mile. Kinda fun, if you don't think about it too hard.
Happy Wednesday!

Walker said...

I get lost in some of these sites for hour sometimes.