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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Tribute to Ol' Hoss

Can you believe it is one year ago today March 7 since we lost one of the all time great "B**ggers"

I speak of the much loved "old horsetail snake" aka Ol' Hoss or simply Hoss to his hundreds of loyal readers, we mourn your passing Hoss but I suspect that you have taken up a window seat in your celestial home and will be watching over us today and always.

Can any of us who read his posts ever forget his loathing of "Buttcrack", his love of "Dung Beetles" or his obsession about "Making his pile"??
We are sad that you are no longer here to cheer us up when we need a boost but we are most thankful for all the humor and wisdom you passed on to us while you were here.

RIP Hoss (Gene Maudlin) 1933 - 2009


kenju said...

Although I didn't remember the exact date, I knew it had been a good while since we had Hoss around. So many bloggers miss him, and I'm in the group. Thanks for reminding us, Peter.

Jack K. said...

A great commemoration. I bet Hale will do something too.

Lee said...

How nice of you to pay tribute to Hoss, Peter. A very generous gesture, my friend.

Joy Des Jardins said...

What a nice tribute to Hoss...very thoughtful Peter. ~Joy

Walker said...

Your a great friend for remembering Peter.
We feel those who are no longer with us when we need them or when something reminds us of them

Pamela said...

we're all taking up the slack for his absence.
Except I'm not that crazy about dung beetles.

Cliff said...

Hoss was a good one Peter.