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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Unconcious Mutterings 371

  1. Detective ::100 TV shows

  2. Bangs ::100 TV shows

  3. Consultant ::Must make an appointment (I prefer consultant to Shrink don't you?)

  4. Puzzle ::LIFE

  5. Learn ::About computing

  6. Necklace ::and ear-rings

  7. 184 ::183---- 185

  8. Stimulation ::Is overrated

  9. Layered ::An egg

  10. Police ::100 TV shows

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Cliff said...

Not sure what to say that you haven't already said.

Pamela said...

# Detective :: Colombo

# Bangs :: T

# Consultant :: Mary Kay

# Puzzle :: 1000 pieces

# Learn :: from experience

# Necklace :: pearl

# 184 :: bottles of beer on the wall

# Stimulation :: (!!!!!!!)

# Layered :: hair

# Police :: Scanner

Walker said...

Now Now
It depends what is being stimulated and by whom