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Friday, March 12, 2010

Well, people send 'em to me!!!

Its clear-out time for the inbox again.

Ever wondered where the term "Dickhead" originated???

The sad facts of life when you enter the "Dementia" era.

I'm getting some renovations done at home and the electrician needed some help... so of course I volunteered

A rude awakening for Kermit!!!!!

Recycling brought to the ultimate conclusion.

Where was this guy when I was getting counseling???

A light switch, Viagra brand..... might suit you girls??

A keyboard designed especially for us guys!!!

I don't smoke nor do I have any intimate knowledge of lesbians, but I have been told that this would work!!

I dunno some people swear by mail order stuff, but look what they sent me when I ordered a blow up doll... Scheeesh!!!!

A New Zealand Hooker... well I did say they were sent to me in the first place.

If you must go for piercings girls here is on that could well be described as the ultimate.


Puss-in-Boots said...

Um...no comment

Jack K. said...

I would comment, but I am still pondering some electrical work. Should I fix it or bomb it? Hmmmm.

Rachel said...

Oh Peter!! You do make me laugh!!! That first picture sent me into laughing out loud!!

Lee said...

I'm with Robyn!

kenju said...

OMG! That first one is priceless!!!

Pamela said...

some of these I've seen b4. But the Kermit one was worth a 2nd laugh.

Cliff said...

I would never look at this kind of stuff. well, maybe a little. The first one is really funny.
Sorry I don't have time to stay and chat but I've gotta go help change a light bulb, so bye.

Walker said...

Can I get that painters phone number?

Joy Des Jardins said...

These are great Peter. There's too many to pick a favorite from. The first one is hysterical...and accurate. Renovations huh? Too funny! ~Joy