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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Buderim with the girls.

My best mate Alan, we were mates for over 50 Years, our kids grew up together, Alan died in Sept 2004, his widow Jan and I have been friends now for well over 50 years and as I mentioned I've known their kids all their lives.
We usually only get together when I visit Victoria, every year or so,

Here is my very good friend Jan in the landscaped garden of the Buderim house.

I got a phone call from Jan recently inviting me down to Buderim a coastal town only 70 km from Gympie, her 2nd daughter Donna had won a lottery about 6 months ago, the major prize was a beautiful 4 BR home at Buderim, there were other incidentals like some gold bullion and a new Mercedes Benz car... you know the sort of thing that we all dream of winning.

This is truly a beautiful house in an idyllic location

It came fully furnished and very tastefully decorated, here the girls were experimenting with different table setting ideas.

Donna, husband Brett and their kids spent last Christmas there and while they loved it they decided to put it on the market as it didn't suit ideally as a holiday house, more one to live in permanently.
So there was a girls weekend there before the sale was finalized.
My invitation came so that I could join them, not so much as one of the girls, more like a Hugh Hefner figure... you know an old guy surrounded by beautiful women, I must say I could easily get used to this life style!!!!!

The "Play Mates" are from L to R; Donna 2nd daughter (and the most like her Dad)
Jeanette (Jan), Carol 1st daughter, Jo-Anne the baby of the family, There is a son, Gary who fits in between Carol & Donna but he wasn't invited on the "Girls" weekend.

The address is Glasshouse Mountains View Drive, and here without the benefit of zoom are the mountains, volcanic outcrops really not mountains.

Frot view through a valley to the Sunshine Coast at Maloollaba.

all photos will enbiggen if you click on them.

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