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Sunday, July 04, 2010

The ayes have it.

Don't you just hate anniversaries??

I have an annual appointment with my eye surgeon ever since he removed a pterygium (ter-ig-e-um, but you pronounce it any way you like) from my left eye in 2007, this has been to check on the growth of cataracts that have been developing on both eyes.
Well on Fridays anniversary visit he discovered another pterygium this time on my right eye, as this is by far my "best" eye in a fairly badly matched pair, we need to have it removed as quickly as possible, so I'm booked in to have the "cut and paste" done on July 20.
The surgery last time was not at all painful, the knowledge that he was jabbing a needle into my eye, then cutting away the damaged bit, then cutting away a "patch" from an area beneath my eyelid, then stitching the patch over the first area, all of which I could see a very hazy view of through the eye under attack was distinctly off-putting.
Then there was the joy of finding that he had left a handful of sand, cleverly disguised as the 12 stitches he had attached the patch with, in my eye, the next 24 hours were not particularly pleasant as I silently (in the main) wept away said handful of sand... Oh the joy of being able to relive all this again!!!
There is the added joy of the $800.00 out of pocket expense just to plant a little flag in that sand.

And how has your week been???

Also a very happy 4th of July to those who celebrate it.

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