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Saturday, July 10, 2010

History in the making

This afternoon I made visit to Blogger "Dashboard", this is not something I do often, its perhaps 6 months since I was there last... anyway the reason that I raise this point is that I was quite surprised to see that I had made 998 posts here at holtieshouse (this is post 999) and I've got my thinking cap on for a worthwhile inspiration for the 1000th post.
I'm not going to rush into this project just so I can cross the milestone off my list, I would like to think that someone will think it a worthwhile post (even if that someone is only me) so if you happen to be in the Gympie region over the next few days you can expect to hear some grinding and whirring noises as my brain tries to come up with a suitable topic and the ability to commit it to this space.
Stay tuned... well more like... come back for another look in a few days.

Boy I can hardly wait!!!

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