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Monday, August 30, 2010

Tripping with Wazza and Frank (Sonata)

Day one saw us at our pre-chosen destination "The Nindigully Pub" in outback Queensland, the town of Nindigully (population 9) is home to the Gully Pub this pub holds the oldest liquor license in Queensland.
This pub is the epitome of Australian humor and the elevated position we gladly bestow on our pubs, the meals here are legendary  as some of the photos will show, the specialty hamburgers are a trademark of the Gully Pub and are designed to feed between 4 and 14... dependent on appetite.
For those of you who are not familiar with the State of Queensland's shape the first large hamburger is presented in a bread roll in the shape of  the State.

This is the "Queenslander Burger" which seemed quite capable of feeding about 10!!! there was a story attached to this particular burger which we knew nothing of until the next morning.... the couple pictured cutting the burger had been married at the pub some hours earlier and had been presented with the Queenslander as a wedding present by the publican... A wedding to remember!!!

This was one of a pair that fed a table of 10 people.
The humor extended to the toilet block where this sign adorned one end of the urinal!!!
Among the variety of "decorations"there is an enviable collection of  Bushmans Hats, as well as a bar towel that try's to decide just what is Man's best friend, his dog or a Fourex  Gold Beer???
This couple chose to order two "Mixed Grills" there were 2 of each component ie 2 chops, 2 sausages, 2 steaks, 2 fried eggs, 2 rashers of bacon as well as vegetables... me-thinks they should have ordered ONE!!!
Here is the Nindigully Pub, a touch over 140 years old and still licensed to sell liquor.
Warren chose an eye-fillet steak with mushroom sauce, another sizable serve!!!
Warren is seen here waiting for the "Free Beer" which was served "Yesterday"
I wish Wazza had warned me he was about to shoot... perhaps I would have smiled, my meal was "Gully Spare Ribs on Potato bake.. very tasty..

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