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Friday, August 27, 2010

The Start of another trip

For any regular readers... (do I have any of these left??) it will come as no surprise to learn that I set off once again minus an important piece of equipment!!!!!!
After completing several laps of the house and deciding that I had not forgotten anything, away I went, arriving at Wazza's place (180 km from home) we very soon discovered that when I disconnected the MacBook I had left the magnetic cable and transformer behind, inquiries to Apple produced some good and some bad news, the good news was that they could supply a replacement, the bad news was that it would cost $99.00.
Some quick map study revealed that to return to Gympie and then rework day one from there would only add about 300 km and with Frank's very good economy this will only cost about $30.00 so tomorrow we will start out a bit earlier than we had planned and go via Gympie.
Before anyone offers the inevitable advice that I compile a list AND read it before leaving.... I did both of these things its just that my list didn't include Computer AND cables... you know the story about making things idiot proof.... Well I'm a better idiot than previous models!!!!!
No photos yet perhaps over the next few days???

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