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Sunday, August 22, 2010

We thought we had an erection

I awoke this morning to hear the news that Australia had a "hung parliament" in the midst of my rejoicing because I felt this was what our parliament fully deserved for the poor performance levels and the dismal campaigning over the last 5 weeks I was to discover that this simply meant that we... the people of Australia had been unable to select a clear winner to put in charge of our nation for the next few years.
We can now look forward to a week or so of nervous negotiations between the two major parties and the four elected independents who will be cajoled and bribed to throw in with either Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott, ah the joy of watching the political system at work!!!!
On a much brighter note Wazza and I will be leaving for our extensive trip next Saturday 28th, hopefully there will be stories and pictures to follow.

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