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Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun Monday

Now let me see... I've been going to do a post for Fun Monday... but for one reason or another I keep putting it off... there must be a single word explanation for this...PROCRASTINATION.

And our Fun Monday host for the month of October has set this as the topic for the week so you had best get a start on as there's no way of telling how long it might take!!!
I hope that Faye will forgive me for using her Maxine example... its just SOO right.

Now if procrastination ever becomes an Olympic event you are looking at a potential World Champion right here, I have been putting off or postponing things for so long now that it takes a conscious effort to decide to get out of bed each morning and from that time on throughout the day for each chore or task I have to do.

It seems to me that the best method of avoiding putting things off is to convince yourself that you really want to do ... whatever it is you are post-poning, we are far less likely to post-pone something we enjoy doing... good luck with convincing yourself that you enjoy weeding the garden or washing the car!!!!

I believe that procrastination is born out of laziness but develops far beyond mere apathy the longer we practice it, as an example of this.... I can quite easily put off washing the dishes for a week at a time (some time back I purchased an extra set of dishes as I was running out of plates before I was ready to wash-up) now I look at this as dedication to the cause... PROCRASTINATION Rules!!!!!

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