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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fun Monday

Fun Monday is hosted this month by Faye's Summit Musings

While at times when I travel I lead a mildly exciting life if proof of my normal mundane existence is required a quick glance at the adornments on my refrigerator doors will surely be sufficient.

Sitting on top of the fridge is one of my heroes Steve Irwin 'the crocodile man" while on the doors starting from the top; The manufacturer "Kelvinator" gets pride of place, a strange little magnetic button asking that we call health @13 HEALTH, having never made the call I'm not sure what the result would be, Energex (who were my electric power suppliers at one time) were good enough to supply information about why my supply was temporally unavailable and just what I should do about it, Next comes a little sign that says "The older I get the better I cook" this is a total lie and deserves no further comment, centre stage is a magnet in the shape of a rooster adorned with "cockado-odle-doo" until his battery ran flat he used to make a similar noise to this... he is clasping a small "belly button duster brush" a gift for "The person who has everything", beneath this is an old exercise chart dating back several years to when I was still able to do exercises, a magnet supplied by the caravan park that I called home for about 3 years away back when I had a heart that could be broken, finally on the freezer door there is a thing about politics... you know, Socialism "you have two cows and you give one to your neighbor" etc etc.
On the door of the fridge there are two magnets from financial advisory firms, I don't recall whether I took advice from either or both of them suffice to say I have very little money so perhaps they are the reason for this? next there is a magnet showing my grandson Daniel during the time he played AFL football for Geelong, the final magnet is probably the only one I have looked at recently and its from "Eagle Boys Pizza" an often times meal choice.

Just for comparison This is my sister Merle's fridge, I'm not going to describe or explain any of it and I'm sure Merle wouldn't either.

Happy Fun Monday Please check out other players at Faye's.

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