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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The "Indian Pacific"

Hot off the press here is the latest report from your roving reporter, leaving no stone unturned your intrepid reporter brings you the very latest news from "Broken Hill" NSW, this is the home town for the giant resources company Broken Hill Propitiatory (BHP Billiton).... not that that has anything to do with this story but it is the reason the town exists.
As we did a tour of the town we saw at the railway station the famed "Indian Pacific" this famous train travels between Sydney in the East and Perth in the West twice a week a distance of 4352 km each way, this train was huge, over a mile long with 2 giant diesel /electric locomotives to haul it.
The "blogger" in me immediately knew that I must capture some images of this monster for you.. my readers....

Here she sits with power pulsating from the 2 giant engines while a mile of luxurious carriages coil around 3 bends in the line behind them.

I knew that in my effort to record this amazing event I would need to find a suitable site.

As luck would have it we came across this seemingly ideal spot

From this elevated position I would record the passing of the famous train.

As a whistle sounded in the distance I gazed into the setting sun and with camera at the ready prepared to take the shots of a lifetime.

What happened next was to put it mildly a bit of an anti-climax... around the bend crept the largest freight train I have ever seen.... sure it had the same "Indian Pacific" logo emblazoned on its two engines and it was at least a mile long but it just wasn't THE Indian Pacific I had waited for.... to add insult to injury by this time it was getting quite dark up on my perilous perch so I had to admit defeat and settle for some railway image for the blog.

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