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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just a quick catch-up post.

Where does the time go?? I can't believe its two weeks since I attended Anne's funeral as I said in my last post Sad Times.... those of you who know me will understand my reluctance to agree when Keith asked if I would be the first to speak at the church.

With my in-built dislike of public speaking and my tendency to choke up and become incoherent at times like that the results were by no means assured of success, again I must say that to pay a tribute to a lovely lady was an honour and something I just couldn't refuse to do.

Afterwards I had several people comment about the words I said so it must have come out OK.

The trip down did give me another chance to spend some time with my sister Merle and also to catch up with my Son Marcus and his family who have just moved back to Victoria from WA, they have settled in the very nice little town of Ocean Grove, near Geelong so as this is only about one third of the distance that WA is from Queensland who knows I might even see a bit more of them.

Tomorrow I have another appointment with my eye surgeon, just to finalise a date to have the first cataract surgery, wish me luck!!!

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