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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I had a vision

I hope that you all had a good Christmas and now as we head for the New Year I realized that I had not done an update on my eyesight.

First thing... my eye surgeon is very happy with my progress and has ordered his new BMW, delivery a few days after my left eye cataract surgery.

For about 10 years I have worn multi focal glasses, so the morning ritual of puuting on glasses so that I can find my way to the next room is well established, now however with no cataract and a new lens in my right eye (which has been my best eye for years) means that the glasses only serve to blur my vision, so I take them off, now I can see quite clearly through my right eye and as my left eye has been deteriorating for years I notice very little difference through it, the problems start to arise if I want to read something or even identify objects up close, for these I need glasses (and probably always will) now the thick strong lens for my left eye takes over while the pre-existing lens for my right eye is too strong, you will by now have become aware of my problem (you may also have noticed that I am in the middle of constructing the longest run-on sentence either of us has ever seen) without my glasses I tend to squint my left eye and use mainly my right eye, while the situation reverses when I put my glasses on... then I tend to squint my right eye, when you add to this situation the further complication that as I have worn glasses constantly for so long now my face feels naked without them and has created its own solution to this... it now feels as though I have glasses on, whether I have or not!!! so you can see (better than I probably) that the return of my long sighted vision has its very own set of complications, I now look forward to January the 13th when my left eye surgery is due.... an especially the month or so afterward s before I can have my reading glasses replaced with more suitable lenses, I also look forward to the time that I have to carry glasses wiih me all the time but not conveniently located on my face.

Well that's my try at the long run-on sentence and also the explanation of where my vision is at, thanks for reading (if anyone did) and may 2011 treat us well.

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