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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rain.... Blogging.

Taken from my front porch, the water cascading from the overflowing spouting/guttering which couldn't cope with the volume, click to enbiggen.

Three things I know... (1) the rain we are having at this moment is the tail end of a cyclone/hurricane... (2) there are no cyclones around Australia right now....(3) its a hell of a long way from here to the East Coast of America so Irene must have been a hell of a storm!!!
If you or yours were caught up in that storm I trust that they all came through it well, this thought started me wondering just how many of my cyber friends were involved? to an Australian the East Coast pretty much describes New York, the Big Apple, while the West Coast is generally taken to be LA... Hollywood, I am fully aware that in both cases this is not the case but it sparked another thought.
Do the people who live in America's larger cities blog??? over the years I have visited with many cyber friends who live in the USA but none who come to mind live in the big cities, LA, New York, Chicago, Washington, Boston and the list goes on, my contact has been with folk who live in smaller towns or places that are know only to their immediate neighbors or other bloggers.
Along the same lines my Australian blog list in the main do not live in our bigger cities but in "other" areas... so is blogging a form of communication flavored by people in the less inhabited regions?? to help any overseas reader who is interested Australia also has a West Coast, Perth...
an East Coast Melbourne and Sydney... North, Brisbane and Gympie... Far North, Cairns... and Red Centre, Alice Springs... there are a couple of other places of interest, Darwin, the gateway to Indonesia... Canberra, where we try to contain most of our politicians... Our island state Tasmania, Hobart and apples.
I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the where-abouts of bloggers you know.

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joared said...

I just looked at your older posts -- some really funny! Because of my profession,I was intrigued when I read of your Bells Palsy. I was trying to follow your recovery progress when I found this post.

I live in Southern California in the Los Angeles area about an hour freeway driving time northeast of L.A. proper. The area west of my city is consecutive small cities, each with their own name into L.A. to the Pacific ocean. East of where I live is also one city after another many miles toward the desert, Palm Springs and then the state of Arizona.

If you want to make connection with more American, Canadian, European and other elderbloggers (ages 59-100+) check out "Time Goes By" by Ronni Bennett; her URL is http://timegoesby.net. Many of us read Ol Horsetail Snake.

Every Sun. one of your countrymen whose name is also Peter provides a regular music post on that blog.