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Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Indian Pacific rail trip

Where better to start than at the finish!!!! I'm home at Gympie and have slept in my own comfortable bed (for about12 hours!!!) the whole train experience was great but sleeping on moving objects isn't something I do well so it is good to be home for that reason.
Now let me see... I believe I was in Sydney when I last posted, I'm afraid I fell for the three card trick here "Country Link" with whom I'm traveling, have a nice comfortable waiting room at Central Station so rather than get clipped $150 plus for a night in a city hotel I decided to spend the night there as we had a 7AM start the next day...... WRONG.
Sydney, like many other cities throughout the world, has a homeless people problem and the fact that shortly after dark they descend on public buildings and sheltered places to spend the night.... No I didn't share my Waiting Room with them the Station staff locked the door not long after dark.... So I shared their drafty park style benches with them, I counted 29 bodies spread around the Station and counted myself very lucky that I only had one night there.
Bright???? and early next morning I boarded the train to Casino NSW and because by now I had had 4 nights of fitful sleep I started to question my decision to wait over for the daylight train/bus trip to Brisbane, the journey was comfortable fast and through some of Australia's most beautiful rural country.... BUT it rained most of the time and wasn't the best day for photos.
I got into Brisbane at about 10PM and caught a taxi to Warren's, incidentally the 800 Klm trip from Sydney to Brisbane cost $90... the 8 klm trip to Warren's cost $30??????????
Next morning we found the battery in my car was DEAD FLAT, we called on the RACQ to come and help us start it, turned out the boot hadn't closed properly when I took my luggage out at the airport 2 weeks earlier, so without switching the engine off I set sail for home, the trip home has recharged the battery so once more all is well with the world.

 Alan & Lyn the delivery team to East Perth Station

My Cubby Hole by day on the other side there is a foot rest and a fold-up wash basin

Leaving Perth the countryside was still quite green.

Then on into the WA wheat-belt where harvest had started already. 

 The club lounge where the Sittin, Talkin, N Drinkin happens

The Perth to Kalgoorlie pipe-line for the water supply to this arid area.

Nearly at the end of the wheat-belt but still got that pipe-line.

 Next comes the Low Mallee Scrub country, it goes on for hundreds of Klm.

Converted from day sitter to night toss and turner, the bed base folds up against the wall behind the pillow by day.

Just about every where you looked there were wildflowers thanks to a very good season.

This is the gradual transformation of the landscape into the plains country.

This is the Nullabhor Plain, and yes there are no trees, but for the first time in decades there are cattle grazing what is usually bone dry sand.

More of the exceptional growth this year has produced.

The metropolis of Forrest... population 2.

Upon reflection this has been a very eventful trip so I am looking forward to lots of peace and quiet for a while now... But I must ring Bruce and Paula tonight to find out if the car is fixed!!!!   

There are just too many photos for 1 post... stay tuned lots more to come.

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