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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

That's all folks.

To finish up the photos from my train trip, hope you enjoy them.

 Remembering the era of Steam at the Kalgoorlie station.

Lovely wide shady veranda's on the Kalgoorlie shops.

There are many lovely old building here denoting the wealth in gold taken from mines on The Golden Mile.

Also despite the fact that all the towns water comes via that pipeline they manage to keep it looking good.

One of the great train staff from Perth to Adelaide putting the portable steps into position at Cook.

 The rail way lines from Adelaide and Perth met here in 1917.

 I don't know whether they were his and hers jail cells, but there was 2 of them!!!

 In 1982 the "Men of the Trees" planted 500 trees around the township of Cook.

 Some of the trees and a sign to prove you can't escape salesmanship it reads "The Gift Shop Is Now Behind You"

The now defunct Cook School 

 Taking on fresh linen and supplies in Adelaide.

 The emblem on the Indian Pacific is the Wedge Tailed Eagle the worlds largest Eagle with a wingspan of just over 2 metres,

The sun was in the wrong place but I wanted at least one shot of the train on a bend.

Coming into the Blue Mountains in NSW.

Sydney Central Station.

A suburban double Decker train at one of Centrals 24 platforms.

This is The Country Link train I took from Sydney to Brisbane.

Very green and lush as we traveled through NSW.

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