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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I'm a great grandfather again.

Some of you will be aware, because we share some readers, that my Sister Merle has been very sick and has been hospitalized for a little over 6 weeks.
I am very pleased to report that she seems to have turned the corner and is feeling very much better, she has resumed her rehab exercises this time with much less pain, she has a crushed vertebrae in her lower back.
It is quite surprising to find just how much her illness affected me, while we are quite close I'm not usually a very emotional type, but I guess I got found out this time!!!

Spent a pretty quiet New Years Eve with my good friend Warren, no trouble seeing the midnight hour as we are both night owls, so after 4 days I'm just starting to catch up on my beauty sleep (much needed).

These are my 3 great grand children, Phoenix, Ezra, & Scarlet, my oldest grandson Matthew and his wife Rhianna are the proud parents, Vicki & Rex are the proud grandparents.

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