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Saturday, February 04, 2012

My ??? post

Hi to all who read this,
I find that I am visiting my friends blogsites less often and commenting even less often, I am certainly posting much less often and the quality of the posts I do make is often pretty weak, But.... this has in no way affected my anticipation as I continue my morning ritual of turning the computer on and checking my email.
I am often saddened to find there is nothing more than the usual spam or offers to sell me software, medications, cheap air fares to places I have no interest in visiting etc etc.... You must know the type of junk mail of which I speak... I can't be the only one lucky enough to receive it.
In reality my disappointment is that there are so few personal messages to gladden my heart, I am realist enough to know that if I'm not "putting out" the "incoming" will soon taper off but this doesn't stop the sadness of the moment when I am busy hitting the delete button to get rid of the daily dose of unwanted emails and longing for more "personal" stuff.
I now face the task of giving this post a title???? and selecting a label for it???? Was it the old Bob Hope show where we were entreated to "keep those cards and letters coming in"??? if it wasn't Bob it was someone of the same era!!!!

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