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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Follow up to ??? post.

Hi folks, My ??? post brought a smile to my face, personal contact with people I consider to be friends, sad to say there was nothing from some others I put in the same category, such is the price we pay for progress be it from changing attitudes, life or facebook!!!!
I have a facebook account which I opened when I found that such a lot of my family and friends were going there, I believe that I gave it a fair trial but found it was not for me.
I think that my very first commenter Cliff summed it up beautifully, not the first time he has done this by the way,
"I think blogging is like running some 'set' lines down in the river. You go check them every morning and every night just to see if you've had a bite but if you don't bait the hook, don't expect much.
I'm not good at baiting the hook." Cliff.
For any of you who are not familiar with Cliff's home spun philosophy do yourself a favour and go visit, I'll be surprised if you don't make regular visits, don't believe the part of his comment that said  he didn't bait his hooks well !!!

From WT, I learned that it was Dean Martin who used the sign off "Keep those cards and letters coming" also that Dean had borrowed it from a radio show... nothings new is it??

In Australia, and in other countries too I'm sure, we had a very popular radio show called "The Amateur Hour" which used to plead with us to "Keep those votes coming" for the acts that we enjoyed now at this time I was a very naive young lad aged probably about 6 or 7 and I was totally amazed to hear that act 3 had got 183 votes, knowing nothing of the electoral process, thus no idea what a "vote" was my brain?? heard Boats instead of Votes and I used to wonder what on earth anyone would do with that many Boats... Ah the blissful ignorance of youth.

From Walker I learned that "life" rather than Facebook that was getting in the way of blogging and that's a fair comment, but not an excuse I can use.

Judy, one of my first readers, thank you for your loyalty, and Jack both have said that Sacebook had become more their thing than blogging, I respect the rights of anyone who makes this choice.

Joy and Pamela (two of my favourite ladies in the world) probably came closest to where I'm at,as previously indicated its certainly not Facebbook or any of its copies that have distracted me, nor can I use the excuse of being too busy.... I have nothing but time!!! I'm not prepared tp call it laziness... although I will admit to being just a tad lazy, I also hesitate to calling it "writers block" as for this to apply you need to be a writer... I just scribble.

All of this to say thanks to all who visit and especially those who comment, Ill be around for a while yet.

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