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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Australian Bush Poetry

Way back in 2007 I wrote a post called "Toilet Humor" it featured a poem called The Aussie Dunny by an unknown author... imagine my surprise and pleasure to be contacted by the grandson of the author, no longer unknown.
The link below will take you to the original post where you can read the poem which I must say has taken on a whole new outlook now that I've "met" the author, I must apologize for misnaming it as "The Aussie Dunny", which was as I received it in a long forgotten email, the correct title is; "Poor 'Ol' Grandad"


The Authors details are;
Poem Title: Poor 'Ol' Grandad
From Poor 'Ol' Grandad - Australian Bush Poetry by Grahame Watt - 2001
Grahame "Skewiff" Watt
Email: skewiff80@npes.net.au

I am informed that Grahame has 3 books and also a CD which won an award at the Tamworth Music Festival a venue rivaled only by The Gympie Music Muster for the promotion of Country Music, and poetry, here in Australia.
The name"Skewiff" rang a bell with me and on checking my files I found the reason...

“Skew Wiff Kelly”

His name was “Skew Wiff Kelly”

And everything he built
Was either at an angle
Or leaning on a tilt!

On all of his construction jobs
He used the rule of thumb.
He’d close one eye and line it up
And reckon it was plumb.

He would use the best of timber
And take a lot of care,
But every job completed
Was a little bit off-square.

His reputation grew and grew

As“Skew Wiff” moved around
The cockies overlooked his faults
For his workmanship was sound!

So as you travel round the place
You can see where “Skew Wiff’s” been.
The hayshed leaning sideways,
That verandah with a lean.

You’ve seen his good old tankstands,
They’ve a wind-blown look with time.
His fences have a stagger,
And wander just off line.

You’ve seen a “Skew Wiff” chimney
And you’ve seen a “Skew Wiff” door.
His buildings stand – defiant –
Of the gravitation law.

Yet a funny thing about it,
Though the buildings aren’t quite straight,
They always look so comfortable
As if they’d time to wait!

Now“Skew Wiff” died some years ago,
But I reckon he’d be pleased
For his tombstone’s got a lean on –
At forty-five degrees!

Grahame Watt

I offer you these two examples as a reason to contact Grahame and buy his books and/or his CD.


Anonymous said...

I love it! I read this to my husband after telling him that someone had written a poem about him.

tony m said...

Best poem i ever read.I know the bloke.