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Friday, May 04, 2012

More Australian Poetry

I'm leaving tomorrow (Saturday) for a trip to Victoria, about 1000 miles away!!! one of the main reasons for this trip is to see my sister Merle, she has been very sick for the last few months and while she is OK at the moment, she keeps hinting that I'd better hurry as she might not be here for long.
I am taking that with a 'grain of salt' but as life is finite for us all I began to think about all my friends who are aging at the same alarming rate as I am.... so I thought a trip to visit with them all sounded good, with camera and laptop packed into the car who knows it might even tempt me to write a post or two???

I got my order of book and CD from "Shew Wiff" today, again I can recommend these to you, he also enclosed the following poem, a nice little bonus!!!
To order contact; G Watt, 55 Joeliza Drive, Repton NSW 2454.

Brain Damage

"Your mind is a computer" said the magazine I read
"The messages are stored in little discs inside your head
Your computer brain has storage for a million sorta Bytes
And when you need the info', it lights up little lights
And in a milli second - or sometimes even less
Your brain supplies an answer, without a sign of stress".

Now I reckon that this author was some kind of a nut,
He should'a done more research, as his theory's up the "putt"
Yes! my brain is a computer - (I'll grant him that he's right)
But the emails that I'm getting, seem to disappear from sight.
The messages of wisdom in the in-box of my brain,
Just seem to bog and sit there, like a stationary train.

I've clicked and clicked for ages, but the brain is 'up the spout',
The messages that's in there, are sorta stuck and won't come out.
There's items saved for ages, They've gone and done a 'Bunk'
Important things I can't recall, they're itemized as 'Junk'.
I've searched every folder, to view what I've been sent,
but "Bugger me! I can't believe they've sorta gone and went".

"Your mind is a computer" that's what this codger said,
Well! Mine must be disconnected, or worse- it must be dead.
The memory is broken, It's really gone to pot,
There's nothing saved and nothing there, I've lost the bloody lot,
But if that bloke was right - That my brain is on the line,
I'll get a brand new one from "Microsoft" and then I'll be just fine.

Crahame "Skew Wiff" Watt 9-4-2012.

Grahame writes in a very "Australian" way so if you have 'trouble' with any of the words or meaning get back to me and I'll try to explain!!!

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joared said...

Enjoyed this poem! I work with individuals with various issues including memory. Am sure many would get a laugh of recognition with those descriptions.