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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Is this really a holiday???

Hi folks, I'm typing this with COLD fingers, not something I'm used to coming from the Sunshine State of Queensland, my visit with my Sister Merle was good and I will return for a few days when I go back to celebrate her birthday on the 24th.
As usual it was good to chat about old times, our families and things in general but I was most distressed about her health, as she had pre-warned me that I would be, she is very frail and her mobility is very restricted, to the degree that we discussed a move into a nursing home style of living, while Merle is OK with the general idea of this she is also painfully aware of the wrench it will be to leave her home and her surroundings that she is both used to and loves... this is by no means a positive course at this stage but in lots of ways I would feel more comfortable if I was leaving her in those conditions when I leave.
I am currently at the seaside town of Ocean Grove visiting with my middle son and his family which is great after the feelings of frustration at Merles, tomorrow I fly to Adelaide (500miles away) to co-drive favourite daughter Vicki back to Geelong where she is having a new house built, its a varied life this being a parent!!!!
So far the camera has not been out of its bag so no photos to go with this short post, I'll try to do better next time with that.


Rachel said...

I'm sorry to hear about Merle and her condition. I know it's so hard to go into a nursing home, but if a person's mind is still good then that is a blessing. I'll send up a prayer for her.

So nice to visit with your family!! Enjoy every moment!!!

Cliff said...

Sorry to hear about Merle's condition. I hope it improves. I know that would be a terrible decision process to have to make but one I guess we'll all be having to make. I suppose getting it done, tho heart wrenching, would be of some relief. Blessings on all of you. cm