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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Not another birthday!!

Let me just catch my breath...... Ah that's better, for someone like me who lives a very quiet life things around here have really been popping.
Let me start of with my sister, Merle had me very worried as I said in my previous post, I left her for a week while I visited my son Marcus and his family, we were joined there by my favourite daughter Vicki, on May 23 Vicki and I went back to Merle's where we were greeted by a TOTALLY rejuvenated Merle.
The transformation was amazing, she was back to her bright happy self, I must admit having seen her at perhaps her lowest point only a week previously I wonder how quickly she may descend again? but at least for the moment she is back, May 24 is her birthday and I had arranged for some close friends and family to have lunch with us at a very nice local pub.
We all enjoyed the food and company and most importantly Merle had a great time, while she doesn't like being the centre of attention its nice to have friends make a bit of a fuss over you.
For the next 4 days she is 3 years older than I am until on the 28th of May I turned 76 and we're back to 2 years older.
My birthday was spent back in Geelong where family and friends again gathered to wish me well, I make the same comment about myself as I did about Merle, under the spotlight isn't my favourite place either but again with good food and company it was a great birthday.
I managed to talk my favourite daughter into coming home to Queensland with me for a few weeks visit while she waits... none to patiently, for her new house to be built on the outskirts of Geelong Victoria
SOOO Cyclone Vicki has hit my poor little quiet home... She has rearranged my kitchen to the degree that I don't even bother searching anymore I just ask where the item I'm looking for lives now, the office has had a similar treatment and the rest of the house is under threat so who knows where I'll end up by the time she leaves.

 The Lunch Group, Shirley, Frank, Peter, Merle, Vicki, Jacqui, Keith, Marcus.

 The main contenders

Jacqui, Peter, Vicki, Merle, Kathy... Jacqui is my ex wife and the mother of my 4 kids, Kathy is Merles Youngest daughter

Kristen. Merle. Kate... Kristen & Kate are Kathy's Daughters

Jorja, Nick, Merle, Kathy... Jorja and Nick are Kathy's daughter & Son. There is one more son who didn't make it to Shepparton, they live about 5 hours away.

That is a very brief sketch of my recent life, back home after an uneventful and pleasant trip I find that my blog was infested with an anonymous visitor who was leaving me 20or 30 spam messages per day in my efforts to clean them up I have lost all your lovely comment back to early 2010, so my apologies for the inconvenience of word verification but my delete button was wearing out.


Cliff said...

It wasn't I but don't you just hate that?
So glad to hear that Merle is back to her old self. I know some simple things can get out of balance and turn us into people we aren't.
Take care of yourself.
The pics were of a lovely family. You and Merle are Blessed beyond measure.

Walker said...

Happy Birthday to you and Merle, yeah I'm late but you guys are a few weeks ahead right ;)

I can understand not liking a fuss over your birthday.
I usually sneak out someplace to be on my own and leave them to look for me.

Peter said...

It seems the word verifications are very hard to decipher? I don't know as the author cannot see them, Merle told me she had tried several times without success to comment!!!! bloody computers!

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Hi Peter,
Thanks for sharing birthday photos ... you all look happy and healthy.
Hope your trip to Victoria was a good one ... the weather is a bit ordinary, but I love it here !!
Look after yourself, take care,
Connie xx

Lee said...

Great pics of you all, Peter. I'm so glad you had a good time...and I'm so glad Merle is doing well.

Judy (kenju) said...

I am so sorry that I missed your birthday, Peter. You and the family look great, especially Merle!

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Another try to post here which I seriously doubt will go through.
I am still doing OK Went to doctor today ad fully dressed weighed 54 kg so he was delighted after 51 last time.My heart rate is a bit slow and b/p bit low but neither of us are planning to worry about that.
Hope you are doing well and finding things Vick moved.
BTW - I found the jar of liniment I had lost as I had taken it to my room.
Take care, Love, Merle.

Merle said...

Hello again ~~ We are on a roll so here goes.
Thank you again for the birthday party and the great photos - but look at the subjects you had to work with
Thank you to your friends who wished me a Happy B'day and good health. As I said, I am feeling great, and hope you are the same. Love, Merle.