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Sunday, March 03, 2013

A New Life

Hello to all my very good friends from a very humble recipient of all the love and caring I have been getting lately, being ill is pretty much a new sensation for me as I have been blessed with good health all my life.
I felt it might be an opportune time to jot down a few of my feelings and thoughts, these will be in random order as they occur to me rather than an orderly list... much like my life has been.
The obvious first thing is the mix of fears and emotions that the news that the bowel obstruction you have is "Cancer", still in my mind more of a sentence than a word, and it would take a braver man than I to hear this without "fear" being a part of what you felt.
I'll repeat.... my health has always been good and until this last 10 days I had never spent a night in hospital, if you chose to you could say that translated into "I had never before been totally humiliated" I was pushed and prodded in places that should remain sacred, I had tubes, digits and various pieces of equipment inserted into these same areas, one of these insertions was enough to clear the obstruction (Cancer??) in my bowel which in turn led to the worst night of humiliation of my life, during that night I managed to soil myself 13 times creating an unofficial Nambour Hospital record!!!!
The other side of hospital culture which I knew nothing about was the absolute dedication and caring so generously given by all the staff members that I came into contact with.
Then there was the strength and cheerful acceptance of their lot by long term patients who had been through more in their sometimes short lives than it seems anyone should have to.
As the last few paragraphs should show this has been a learning experience for me and while its true to say I would very much have preferred not to have been here it has been a strengthening process that will be of a long term benefit.
Then there was the humor!!! from Cleaners, Wards men, Nurses both male and female, in short from almost everyone you contacted, made you smile or often laugh out loud at a time in your life when you felt less inclined to laugh, especially after abdominal surgery!!!
Above all else has been the love and devotion shown by my family and friends, how can you say thank you for love like this??
The preparation and treatment period begins early next week and I have no idea whether this will leave me inclined to more posts about the progress I'm making or not... time will tell.
Again I thank you for your concerns, well wishes and prayers.



Meow (aka Connie) said...

Hi Peter, just wanting to send best wishes for the treatment. Hope it doesn't knock you around too much. But I have my fingers crossed that you get through it with flying colors. Take care, big hugs, Connie xxx

kenju said...

Peter, here is hoping that you will heal quickly and fully, and experience no more problems. It is so good to see a post here, from you!

Dave said...

You are loved Peter, because of who you are, and who you've been to me and many other lucky people.

But..... I just have to say.... 13 times?
Goes to show I've always been right about you... you ARE full of sh*t! *ROTFL* (you know I'm just trying to evoke a smile from you!)

Take care my friend,

Big Dave T said...

Sorry to hear that you're ailing, Peter. You're so lucky though to have such a caring, supportive family. I've already learned not to pass along that I've not had to face any significant medical issues to date. Things like that have a way of coming back and biting you in the behind, literally in your case.

Get well and take care.

Lee said...

There is something strange about hospitals...they have a very weird effect on people visiting the patients therein. I know hospitals do as far as I'm concerned, anyway.

My personality changes (or maybe is released after pounding on the door to be set free)!

I can't help myself...I begin to misbehave as waves of an insane sense of the ridiculous sets in!

You take good care, Peter...take each day as it comes; one step at a time...and remember the most important person in all of this is you....you set the rules....and don't give stress a second glance. Just get better...soon.

Hugs and best wishes.

Gina E. said...

Hi Peter, I left a comment on Merle's blog expressing my concern for you. Silly me (blonde and senior, what a combination, lol) I should have just come here in the first place.
I've just discovered that you live in Gympie. A very old (as in many yaers) friend of my hubby lives up near there - Ken and Ann Patterson, do you know them at all? Poor Ken has had dreadful health issues in recent years - leg amputation, going blind, heart problems....still got his sense of humour though. Typical Aussie, eh.

Cliff said...

Having had some experience with treatment, there will come a time when you finally realize, '"these people are really trying to kill me."
When that happens, try to have good thoughts and no guns available. Also, stick a belt in your teeth to bite on if anyone says, "this is going to pinch"
Best wishes and keep us updated my friend.

Karen said...

I'm so relieved to hear that you are doing well after your surgery. I know what it's like to try and laugh after abdominal surgery and it's not fun but well worth the laughs. I'm glad you are in good spirits and are strong for this battle. Please know you are very special to me, as is your sister Merle, and both if you are in my prayers and thoughts. I also send you big hugs!

Jim said...

Oh Peter ~~ I am for a lack of words for a momment here. Ready, now. I have been praying for you and Merle righ along. Just then I said another for you.

You are in good hands, I can tell that. It is good too that all have some sense of humor about this. That helps lighten things. And there probably isn't anyone in the whole world who appreciates humor more than you. You are the master of humor.

I am glad that Marcus is standing by. Thank you, Marcus, for your updates.

Best of wishes, Peter, your Internet friends are behind you.

Pamela said...

oh dear Peter ... I have been negligent in reading blogs. This is absolutely not what I wanted to see when I arrived just now to see how you are.

I am going to put your name on my daily list which pops up and reminds me to PRAY!

My SIL was diagnosed with colon cancer awhile 2 years plus -- and she is doing fantastic! I pray that you will also be so blessed.

Love, Pamela

kenju said...

Time for another post! How are you?