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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Just a note from holtieshouse

G'day, time for another quick post.
My cancer treatment program, radiation and chemotherapy, is just over the halfway mark and to date i have had no adverse side effects, they caution me that there is still time for these to kick in but I'm choosing to believe that I might dodge that particular bullet.
Again I am indebted to my family and friends for their support over the past couple of months, without them I can't even imagine what my life would have become, the current carer is my youngest son Bruce he relieved my good mate Warren who in turn had offered to come up so that Vicki could have a break, she returns at the end of the week so Bruce can go home and back to work, between them all we have been a great support to our airlines!!!!!
For any of you who read this and are my sister Merle's friends I'm sad to say I think her blogging days might be over, she is quite well in  herself but can't summon up the energy to get back to blogging, this is sad because she really loved her blog and the circle of friends she made from it.
Queensland has been experiencing a lot of rain again, not the torrential  variety that causes flooding, just the sort that grinds you down and becomes a bloody pest, its harder to remain upbeat when the sky is always cloudy and grey.
Don't get the idea from this Gripping post that I'm giving up on life, far from it, as the time passes I'm more and more confident that my number isn't up just yet.
For those who read this I thank you for your support and perseverance.



karisma said...

(((PETER))) thanks for the update. Sending you much love and healing energy. Sounds like you have the positive bit sorted. (((HUGS)))

Marcus said...

It was good to talk to you this arvo Pop and especially to hear you sounding so strong. And a blog post to boot! Definite signs of improvement :)
Love Marcus

Lee said...

Great to hear from you, Peter...I'm glad you're fighting a good battle, and have taken the upper hand! Keep up that winning spirit. Good for you, my friend. :)

Please pass on my very best wishes to Merle...tell her she is missed by her blogging mates. :)

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Hi Peter, great to hear that you are handling the treatment so well. Fingers crossed that it remains so. It's wonderful that you are so positive, that's a massive bonus. Keep fighting, sending much love xxx

Jim said...

Hi Peter ~~ Thank you for writing this, even if you don't really feel like blogging. You and Merle are having quite an unfortunate ordeal.

Jim said...

Meant to tell you that I have you both on my prayer list. And as they say, it isn't nice getting old (put mildly).

Karen said...

I'm pleased that you aren't having any adverse effects from your treatments. You are in my daily thoughts and prayers. I'm sorry about Merle and her not being able to blog any longer but as long as she is doing well, that is what matters. She is such a dear, sweet lady and I've come to really love her. Next time you speak to her, please tell her I understand and give her my whole heart love and she is also in my daily thoughts and prayers. You two are awesome people nd I'm honored to call you friends. Sending lots of hugs too!

Cliff said...

Peter, Yeah keep up the fight. I've done it and it's worth the battle.
You're one of my best blog buddies and I want you keepin at it.

Pamela said...
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Pamela said...

Merle blogged well and for a long time. I have no energy for it either. Rarely finding time to read my favorites either. You are so fortunate to have family and friends to help you while you are going through this stuff. You are still on my daily pop up list of people that I remember in prayer. So -- I'm caring in spirit! Hugs

Big Dave T said...

Glad to find you upbeat and progressing in your treatment there. But sad to hear about Merle. It's hard even for me to find the time to blog though I never had the fans nor the fun that Merle had.