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Wednesday, May 01, 2013


Here we are again, another month is teetering on the edge of extinction, and my first round of 28 treatments (Radiation & Chemo) all finished with pretty near no adverse effects, some minor diarrhea and a little radiation blistering on the butt.
All told though I consider myself very fortunate to have had so little reaction to some fairly aggressive treatment, now we play the waiting game to see when the next surgery to remove the shrunken tumor will be, I have an appointment with the surgical team on May 9 so should find out some more details then.
The word from my Chemo Doctor is probably between 8 & 12 weeks so the game continues!!!
Apart from the.... until now.... continual running around for medical appointments not much has been happening in my world, the continued support from family and friends has kept me sane???? throughout the last few months, "thank you" just doesn't cover it!!!!
I find that my world has become very self centered of late, I'm ashamed to admit that while I have plenty of "Time" I have not been reading blogs or keeping up to date, hopefully in the waiting time that appears to be in front of me I will be able to generate some energy to get back in touch?
My sister Merle is facing the same problem, no energy to get back to her beloved blog, heres hoping we can both break the ties sometime soon.



kenju said...

Peter, despite the subject matter, it is nice to see a post from you. I know you are glad that the round of chemo is over, and I am happy to know you didn't suffer much with it. Some people have a terrible time while on it. Here's hoping that your next surgery will give you a clean bill of health and that you (and Merle) will both be good as new soon.

Cliff said...

I must relate that the major problem I experienced was a total and complete loss of hair. I've been looking at your photo and wonder if you would notice significant hair loss? :)
I'll now try to get the vision of your blistered butt out of mind and lead some cheers for your recovery. We want you around a long time so you go Peter.

Lee said...

Peter...your apologies are not needed! You ARE the centre of your Universe...and that's how it should be right now. It's your game...you set the rules and play it your own way. You are the most important person...and you have to treat all you are going through at present with that mindset.

Thanks for keeping us posted...and as always, my very best thoughts go to you and to Merle. I keep an eye on both your blogs, every other day.

Keep up the good battle, Peter. :)

Big Dave T said...

Ditto what Lee says. You should be focused on what's making you better and healthier. And ditto what Kenju says as well so far as your successful navigation through treatment. And, of course, ditto the thanks you feel towards your family and loved ones. You're a lucky man to have such support.

Dave said...

Here's hoping all turns out perfectly for you Peter... you're still in my prayers my friend.

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Ditto what Lee said ... just look after yourself.

Thanks for keeping us posted, I check by yours and Merle's blogs regularly.

Sending hugs, dear Peter.

Connie xx

Jim said...

Hi Peter ~~ It's nice to hear from you again. I was glad to hear all the encouraging words from you buds above. I too will say ditto to those.

I'll peek back in to see what good words the docs had Thursday. All your treatment had to do a lot, my hope is for complete cure.

Thanks for the word about Merle also. It is hard for me to realize her not tellingall those funny stories.

Pamela said...