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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


G'day, Marcus here again with a quick update on Pop.
He is going extremely well, recovering much quicker than I expected and making significant progress every day.
He's disconnected from all the tubes and lines and drugs and drips now and apart from it being a struggle to stand up is moving around freely. He went for two walks yesterday and climbed two sets of stairs each time.
He had made such good progress that the Dr said he might even come home today but I got a call from Dad this morning that there's been a minor setback with his wound opening up a bit so he'll be staying in hospital another day or two I suspect.
He is in very good spirits and has had none of the difficult and unpleasant after-effects of surgery that he experienced last time.
He must be getting better because he has started cracking jokes at my expense.and playing tricks on me!!!!!! But don't worry, I have his credit card!!!

My wife Carolyn is flying up from Victoria tomorrow for a five day break away from the cold and the stresses of home. Needless to say I am really looking forward to seeing her.

Can't close before saying, "Well Done to the SOCCEROOS who beat Iraq last night in Sydney and are on their way to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup. Go Aussies!"
I was watching the game while riding an exercise bike at the gym last night and let out a very loud yell when we scored the winner with less than 10 minutes to go!! Just as well there was only one other bloke there with me and he was just as happy about it!


Jack K. said...

Marcus, thanks for the update. The fact that Peter is playing tricks again suggests that he is well on his way to a new and better man. Give him our regards.

Dave said...

Thanks for the update Marcus, and Get Well Soon Peter!

Here's hoping you're home already, and ready to resume blogging.

Lee said...

Good on you, Peter...keep up the good work!

Thanks, Marcus. :)

Jim said...

Thank you Marcus ~~ By this time surely, Peter, you are up to your old self at least almost.

Cliff said...

I hope all is well Peter. We miss you.

Pamela said...

Hey there! Think of you daily Peter! hoping for an update soon

kenju said...

That was a great photo on FB, can't you come back here for once? We want to know how you are (even though you look great!)

Robyn Lee said...

It's hard to keep a good man down. Hope you're feeling better, Peter. x